Chapter 2

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Camila's POV
I don't think they're weird. After lunch was choir. I saw Lauren and her friends walking next to me. Should I just forget about what happened yesterday? I just carried on next to Dinah showing me where the choir room was.

"And here is your next destination." Dinah told me stopping at the threshold of the door.

I smiled seeing her walk off but not before looking at Lauren and her two friends.

Dinah walked off as I walked in the room going straight for the choir tea her.

Lauren's POV
That Dinah girl never really likes us. It's because she use to date Normani freshman year, but things fizzled out.

I took my seat next to Ally and Normani. Seeing Camila talking to Ms. Roberts. "Why do you keep staring at her?" Normani asked me nudging me on my arm.

I looked at her and shrugged. "I'm not, I was just thinking." I told them. I didn't know what to do about Camila, I wanted it to pass along. Just to move forward.

I'm not allowed to talk to her. It's even dangerous to get in her thoughts.

"You know what, Lauren? You stick by the rules too much. You need to let loose and be carefree." Ally told me, I smiled understanding what she's talking about.

"I get it, but I can't. My dad has us under lock down. He's out of town this week, but it's like I don't want to break the rules because I feel bad." I told them, knowing this morning I wanted to break the rules.

"Look I'm saying it's nothing wrong with you talking to humans, I mean last time you did that..." Ally said as I looked at her.

"Sorry, it's just I think you haven't really moved on from that, it happened hundreds of years ago, Lauren. I know we're all sad about it and I know you were super close to her, but you have to move on, and talk to humans." Ally told me.

"I moved on, I dated her since she was 15 all the way until she was 75, then..." I couldn't bring myself to say it.

"Lauren, we know. We really get it." Normani jumped in.

I looked around seeing Camila stare at me.

I think she heard me.

I turned around facing the front seeing Ms. Roberts look at me.

All of a sudden we all felt a cold breeze. In walked the Nine. Ariana looked at everyone with Demi and Selena and then took their seats.

I felt Ally and Normani stare at them, we didn't like them. We've always been rivals. But it wasn't always like this, Ariana was a cool girl. But the same thing that happened to me, happened to her.

After that she was different.

School went on, it was the same thing but everyone hated today. It's Monday.

Last period of the class, cooking class. I can't cook for the life of me. I should've picked up a cooking book a while back but it just never came in handy.

Some vampires eat regular food, but most times we just drink human blood.

Austin's parents are doctors, which is weird because whenever we smell blood we go psycho. But we all gained control over that. Austin's parents get blood because of where they work.

I never understood why we need to cook. It's boring and I could burn the building down.

"Okay class today is simple we are going to bake a cake, pair off and you guys are on your own." Mr. Mraz told us.

I looked around seeing my friend's pair off.

Go with Camila, and talk to her.

I looked at Ally seeing she was smirking.

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