Chapter 17 | To love, and to Lose

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Hey guys! First off - A huge thanks for hitting 3.9k reads on this book, I'm beyond mind boggled happy right now!! :'D (shoutout to captainswan554 for bringing that into my vocab) So to celebrate, *pops confetti & ques music* Here is a 3k word Chapter for all my Wonderful & inspiring readers :3
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*present time* (leaving off on chapter 15, "Rob them Blind")

"Hit me."


"With your question... Just, ask what you want so I can get it over with." Defeated, She sighs leaning back in her chair with her cocoa.

Killian clears his throat thoughtfully, his eyes scanning the grains in the wood table before he locks Emma under his deep gaze.

"Alright, love. Would you rather love someone, and forever live with the pain of loosing them... Or never know love, and be free of heartbreak?" He asks, and it's about the last question she'd expect from him.

Tears shimmered in her emerald eyes, she can't help but feel like he's hit a nerve. Though she's not sure why? Damn hormones. "I...I honestly don't know... I never really thought about it." She responds, her lashes flutter while she tries to really think about it now, gathering her thoughts; But it's proving to be difficult when he's looking at her like she hung the sun and moon.
"When I was little, I always dreamed of love. Probably every little girl does though," She laughs, smiling shyly "Now though," She huffs in thought, blowing her loose strands of hair from her eyes. "Yeah, - I'd like to think that I'd choose to love, given the opportunity."

"Face it lass," He says, waving a finger "You're a romantic at heart." He finishes softly and Emma doesn't argue because at this rate he might just be onto something.

"What about you? Having lost Milah... If you could go back, would you?" She asks, suddenly anxious to know anything and everything about him.

"As a wise man once said, 'Tis better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all'." Killian quotes, his voice calm as the summer breeze while he closely watches Emma. She smiles sadly, sorta wishing she had kept her mouth shut. "And in answer to your question love... Aye. I would do anything to get back to my Milah..." His eyes briefly lit up when he mentions her.

"I bet you miss her." Emma whispers, drawing her lower lip between her teeth, before forcing a shy smile. "I am sorry, for everything you go through Killian." She tells him sincerely, reaching acrossed the small table to rest her petite palm in his. In hopes of bring comfort to his broken heart.

He just nods, toying with his nearly empty coffee cup in his other hand. The terrible longing that haunts his eyes backfiring on her; stomping all over her heart.

She wouldn't admit it to anyone but herself but she envies Milah... What she wouldn't give to feel loved, to be cherished.

But that doesn't exist for her; not in this imperfect world.

Moments go by before he interrupts her thoughts. "I am thankful I have you though, lass." He admits, his brilliant blue orbs locking onto hers, gauging her response. She immediately blushes, Her heart beat quickening in her chest.

Shortly after they leave the coffee shop he leans down to her level. "Just know that With you by my side, you scare away any lurking possibility of a dull moment -." He mumbles playfully, smirking to himself before letting out an exasperated breath like his life is just SOO hard.

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