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Prince P.O.V

While lauren was sleep I went to mia house yea buddy I waa horny and ony way over there so I can get some. I pull up the hee house and walk to the door.

Mia:hey stranger ur finally come don't you

Prince:yea im horny and need somebody to get some from since lauren preggo

Mia:ok stop the talking and come in so we can get started on this party

Prince:alright let's go

We walk upstairs and you already know what we did

Lauren P.O.V

I got up to use the bathroom and I didn't see prince. I used the bathroom and looked around and I didnt see him so I called ray.


Lauren:hey have you seen prince

Ray: no why

Lauren:cause I woke up to go to the bathroom and I didn't see him. And I also walked around the whole house and couldn't find him

Ray:dam I wonder where he at

Lauren:ok well ill call u when I find him


I hung up and called roc


Lauren:hey have u seen prince

Roc:no why wassup

Lauren:well I woke up to use the bathroom and I walked around the whole house and couldn't find him

Roc:ok well I haven't seen him since yesterday

Lauren:alright well ill call u later



Prince:thnxs for everything

Mia:your welcome

Prince:and I will be back

Mia:ok bye


Lauren:where were you

Prince:i was at ray's

Lauren:u a liar


Lauren:cause I called ray and roc and they said they haven't saw u since yesterday so where were you

Prince:well I was at a friend house

Lauren:nigga I already know ur cheatin on me what's the bitch name


Lauren:thats all I needed to hear im leaving and never coming back don't worry about me or the baby

She went upstair and started to pack all her stuff and she left

Prince P.O.V

Wow really right after I get her back I would fuck up

Lauren P.O.V

Lauren:he cheated on me

Jedari:girl I told you that he was not trustworthy anymore

Lauren:why could I just believe you I thought he really changed

Jedari:well he didn't

Lauren:well where do I sleep

Jedari:there's a guess room doen the hall to the left purple door

Lauren:ok thanks


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