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"The marks people leave are too often scars." - JG


Lyra Escara had fulfilled her father's dream of becoming a Padawan learner at a very young age; as a small child hearing his tales of the Rebellion, she'd longed to learn to ways of the Jedi Code, and hoped to bring peace to the galaxy as a Jedi Knight.

It was at that Jedi Temple, as a youngling, that she met Ben.

What started as a friendship and the tiniest distraction from her studies evolved into something more; something she'd throw away her dreams and hardships for.

Little did she know, Ben was in pain; he was close to becoming something that she despised, something that brought a bad taste into any Jedi's mouth.

And, in the center of it all, inflicting all of Ben's pain, was none other than Lyra herself.

After all, Ben was her world; and she, his stars.


Lyra Escara - Emilia Clarke

Ben Solo - Adam Driver

Master Luke Skywalker - Mark Hamil

Master Del-Naris Koth - Saoirse Ronan

**Catherine Kenobi - AnnaSophia Robb (stydiastyle )

Sybil Ivalichi - Jamie Chung

**Luna Mari - Kaya Scodelario (kyloner )

Marco D'jeck - Francisco Lachowski

Donati vol'Esgrai - Red Zabrak

(**- fan generated character)


I do not own any of the original canon characters. Every other character is mine; I will take action if they are stolen, so leave them be!

There could be spoilers from The Force Awakens or The Last Jedi, so please read at your own risk



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