Good Day, Alpha

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"Silver! Which pack?"

"The Bloody Star."

"Oh great."

Ashton frowns "I've never heard of the Bloody Star pack before."

"There a new rogue pack, their trying to run us off, but they won't win. Come on."

"Where are we going?"

"Well, I have to fight, so I'm going to get changed but you are going to lock yourself in my room."

"What, why?"

"Because if you die you pack won't rest until all our heads are on silver platters."

Ashton doesn't look happy but doesn't argue as he follows behind me. I dress quickly in the closest because what can I say, I'm shy. Then head into battle.

I fight side by side with the other pack members although they're fighting in wolf form. The battle last well into the night, though we clearly have the upper hand.

Suddenly I'm tackled to the ground by a huge wolf of Alpha blood I'm guessing. He bites into my arm, but can't brake my armour as I dig my silver knife into his side twisting without mercy. He howls and begins attacking with more vigour than before.

He suddenly claws at the hand in which I hold my knife causing me to drop it then he shifts and punches me hard, I feel darkness surround me as I feel myself being lifted into the air. Just as the darkness closes in a terrifying growl sounds from just behind my captor.

I come to a little while later, to see my captor lying dead nearby and a blood covered Ashton standing over me with a concerned look on his face.

"Are you alright?"

"I've been better."

He grins and helps me to stand being careful of my injuries.

"Come on let's go get you fixed up I think your pack can manage the rest without you."

I shake my head "I have to stay to help the wounded even if I'm not fighting."

"No, you will come with me and get fixed up even if I have to carry you."

I glare up at him. "Who's the Alpha here you or me?"

"Me, if it means you'll listen."

Huffing in annoyance I start winding through the battle towards the pack house.

"What are you doing out here anyways I seem to recall specifically telling to stay away from the battle."

"Well I would have if I hadn't seen that mutt trying to sneak away with your unconscious body."


He reaches out enter twinning our hands, causing small tingles to spread up my arm. "No problem."

As we reach the house the door is flies open revealing a frightened Katie. "Oh my moon are you alright Alpha?! What happened?"

"I was attacked, but I'm fine, save a few small scratches. There are others less fortunate than I, go help them. I can mend myself up just fine."

"Yes Alpha."

With a slight nod she scurries out to help bring in the wounded, dividing them into serious and minor injuries and by pack. Bloody Star go to the cells for treatment while Burning Embers comes into the house. With their Alpha dead the Bloody Star members surrendered, and will now be given the chance to join or leave.

As I go about dressing my wounds Ashton keeps trying to strike up conversations but I all but ignore him, which seems to be having quite an affect.

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