Chapter Eight

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Cara's POV
I woke up to the sound of Cameron making a downstairs. I stood on the stairs and watched him and Aaron trying so hard not to laugh. At the end when Aaron came out of nowhere and pretended to pick Cameron's nose, I started laughing so hard and they stared at me. By now they were both staring at me as I covered my mouth, and Nash picked me up out of nowhere. He carried me into his room and locked the door as we made a plan to trick them. We opened the door slowly and saw them run in. Me and Nash ran out spraying them with water guns and they were soaking by the end. "Want to help me make breakfast while they change?" Nash asked me. I nodded my head and we both went downstairs to the kitchen.
*20 minutes later*
"Maybe we should go to ihop instead..." I suggested looking around the disastrous kitchen. "Did I mention I don't know how to cook?" Nash said with a nervous laugh. We both starting laughing and walked upstairs to change. What's taking Aaron and dad so long to get ready? Just as my thought finished, they both jumped out of the side of the stairs with water guns. I ducked and they sprayed Nash in the face. I started laughing but then they pointed it at me and I stopped, giving them the puppy face. "Aaron maybe we shouldn't, look at that face", Cameron said while pointing at me. "But it's too bad because it has no effect on us at the moment. Here comes revenge!!!" Aaron shouted the last part as they drenched me in water. I ran to my room and started to change after turning on my radio.
If you ready...
Late night no dress code
She stay fly like jets co
Don't have no reason
Ain't got no memo

(A/N: don't really remember the lyrics but if you don't know it, watch the video above.)

Everyone in the house started singing the song and Cameron ran into my room to shut it off. "Wait, that kinda sounded like-" he cut me off and said, "Sometimes I regret making a song". When he left, I took the iPad and played it with my earbuds in so I can annoy him later by singing it. I forgot that the walls were not sound proof and started singing out loud while changing. "She know she bad though!" Another voice boomed through my room singing with me. My cheeks turned red when I saw a girl sitting on my bed smiling at me, while the boys were laughing at the door. "I'm Andrea and no need to brag but, I knew that would look good on you", she said dramatically flipping her hair over her shoulder. "Thank you", I said with a little chuckle. "Aww she sounds just like Cameron when she laughs, expect she can sing." Everyone was laughing by now, but me and Cameron talked at the same time.
"Hey he can sing!"
"Hey I can sing!"
Everyone stopped and stared at us with wide eyes. "Woah", this bald guy with no eyebrows spoke up while walking into my room. "I'm guessing your Kian", I said with a laugh. "Where's Jc?" Aaron kept on asking Kian until he rolled his eyes and answered," Oh ya I saw some Bulldogs in the hallway and I think Jc is there". We all bursted into laughter when Aaron bolted out the room. "Kian locked Jc in the car before we came up here", Andrea noted answering all out questions. We were all talking in the living room when the door slowly opened, and a sad looking Aaron walked in with who I'm guessing is Jc. Everyone was holding in their laughs until Jc and Aaron ran at Kian, chasing him around the house.all you could hear is Jc complaining about the heat of the car and Aaron yelling out," THERE'S NO BULLDOGS!" We just sat down and listened to it all, entertained by everything that was happening. After a while, all three of them came running downstairs and we walked out to Kian's car. I had to sit on Cameron's lap because there wasn't enough seats in it. The car ride was quiet and awkward so I went to Vine and decided to make one. I captioned it: "When the car rides too quiet", and recorded everyone. When I finished posting it, I heard notifications going off all around the car and they turned to face me. Kian stopped the car and everyone started to watch it. My iPad started to go off every two seconds and I was even annoyed myself. Lots of people were following me now so I turned of the notifications on Vine. We were now seated at iHop eating breakfast, and I decided to check my Vine. I was reading the comments and they were mostly people saying how excited they were for the tour next week. Why didn't I here about this yet? I was abit annoyed so I stared down Cameron who was talking to Jc, but stopped when he noticed."Are you ok Cara?" He asked me nervously. I tried not to laugh and act serious when I replied, "Oh nothing but I was just curious about something. What did you pack for the tour next week?" while emphasizing 'next week'. He nervously laughed and said," About that-", but was cut off by everyone else. "YOU DIDN'T TELL HER?!" They shouted altogether. Everyone was now staring at us but that didn't matter right now."About that... We aren't going because I feel it would be too much on you because of-" I cut him off again. "Oh we are going if that's your reason. If I survived a fire, I'm pretty sure I can survive some hate." Before he could protest, me and Andrea started talking about what I'm gonna take on the trip. It took us a while to get home because of all the paparazzi outside of iHop. Andrea was gonna stay the night, but Cameron told her that she should go home and we could spend the day tomorrow together. I was going through my Instagram comments when one caught my eye. "Hey dad, did you hear about us being on tv?" I asked while walking downstairs in my pajamas. "Someone sent me the link, do you wanna watch it ?" I continued saying while sitting next to him on the couch."Sure I guess, but you'll get used to it after a while", he replied and kissed my forehead. I pressed it and it connected to the tv. All of the emotions drained out of me when I saw the two people who I wished to never see again. My body froze and I could no longer move from where I was. "Yes we are indeed the parents of the famous Cara Chan-", the television was shut off by Cameron who pulled me into his chest. I bursted into tears and started shaking a lot while he held me tight and was rocking me. I guess he knew how they looked because he didn't ask anything and just whispered,"It's okay sweetheart, they in jail", and things like that. After a while I calmed down and we just sat there. He was still holding me and I guess I was emotionally drained, because I fell asleep; or so I thought...

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