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Hello darlings! Here's the first chapter of my newest work, "Elude". Enjoy! - allie x

"Come on, come on!" Mila begged, dragging out her n's as she swiped her debit card numerous times in the card slot.


"FUCK!" Her shrill voice yelled, kicking the tire of her car as she stared at the gas pump. Her car was completely out of gas, and apparently, she was also completely out of money. However, it's not like she had anywhere to be, as today was her day off of work.

The warmth of the sun beat down on her back as she dug through her weathered purse, the same one she's had since the seventh grade, desperately searching for any spare change that she could possibly gather. Her fingers fiddled with several discolored pennies and an occasional dime at the base of her purse. Pay day wasn't until tomorrow, and she was absolutely certain that her car wouldn't even start back up from lack of fuel.

The Chevron gas station was eerily empty, all besides an additional vehicle that pulled in behind hers, tires screeching to a rather abrupt stop as the man driving put the car in park. Mila watched as he undid his seatbelt, thrusting open the drivers-side door before emerging from the rather expensive vehicle. Out of the six unoccupied pumps, he just had to go to hers? And why was he exiting his vehicle?

Her heart began to race as a pair of slender legs emerged from the Range Rover, dressed nicely in a pair of skinny, dark wash blue jeans.

"Are you needing some help, love?" the boys voice called, laced with an elegant British accent, Mila's absolute favorite.

She blushed rather heavily, swiping her card one last time before sighing at the word that displayed on the screen.


"Er, my card is declining and I need gas." She gushed, rather embarrassed. The boy only chuckled, shoving his hands into his rather tight jean pockets before approaching her, arm outstretched.

Enlaced in his fingers was his black credit card.

"It's on me."

A continous blush was present on Mila's face as she brushed her brunette locks out of her face before cautiously retrieving the card from the boy. She felt a bit embarrassed, being a grown woman and not having the money to buy her own gas. Why was he being so kind to her, a girl he's never even met?

"Thanks, uh—" she stumbled, not knowing the boys name in order to properly thank him.

"Louis Tomlinson." He revealed, a cheeky grin plastered on his face.

Louis Tomlinson. Such a lovely name for such a handsome lad.

"Well, thank you for your kind offer of filling my gas tank, Mr. Tomlinson." Mila grinned, quickly swiping the card and handing it back to him in one swift motion, before beginning to pump her gas.

"Not a problem, er—" Louis began, at a loss for the girls name.

"Mila Hartley." She gushed, biting down rather forcefully on her bottom lip.

"Well, Mila, would you fancy a cuppa after this? My treat. If you've got plans already I totally understand." His voice rang politely, right hand darting up to brush his overgrown fringe from his eyes.

"A cuppa what?" Mila wondered, earning a modest chuckle from Louis. He always adored Americans.

"Tea. Unless you don't like tea—" he rambled on, eventually silenced by Mila's genuine giggle.

"Oh, I like tea." She replied.

Is he asking me out on a date?

At the thought of possibly going on a date with this boy, sudden thoughts of her most recent ex-boyfriend Clinton immediately raided her mind, as she hastily tried to push them away.

"Lovely. I'll lead you there?" He suggested. Mila only nodded curtly, finishing off at the gas pump and climbing back into her Honda Accord, pulling off to the side to wait for the British boy named Louis to pump his gas.

He hadn't mentioned exactly where they'd be going to drink this tea. Supposedly a café? Starbucks? Molly's?

Also, who would've thought she'd find such an adorable British boy in Tucson, Arizona?

As Louis finished pumping his gas, he climbed into his vehicle and motioned out the window with his hand for her to follow him. Her stomach churned as she put the car in drive, wondering why the hell she was following behind a stranger to a unknown location.


I am absolutely blown away by how many reads this story has gotten so far. I am beyond appreciative of all of my dedicated readers, voters, and commenters. From the very bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you times a million.

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