On A Mission

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"You think this is funny. Are you still hung up on Kira?" Scott yells.

"I hate Kira but..."

"Malia told me you are in love with her."

"Shut up!"

"Are you scared of me?"

"I killed you or don't remember all those years ago?"

"You are only powerful because you can cross mountain ash. That's why you're on that side of it."

Theo growls "I would win."

Scott roars "Then let's fight."

Theo charges only to be knocked down by Scott. Theo gets up and fights back. They fight for a while until Scott gets the upper hand.

"Now tell me where they took Kira."

Theo smiles "If I told you then you wouldn't need me and you would kill me."

"I'm going to kill you if you don't tell me where they took my girlfriend!" Scott threatens Theo

"How about you take your claws off my throat?"


"Alright, I'll make you deal. I could help you find Kira and you don't kill me."

"How do I know you aren't tricking me? What do you get out of it?"

"I can be seen as a hero and people will stop threatening me and by people I mean your pack when I go out in the town."

"Wait Scott!" Malia yells from outside the door.

"He can help me get Kira back."

"Why can't I get in?"

"Mountain ash"

"Do not trust him."

"Malia, he's the only one who knows where she is."

"I really want you people to leave me alone so this is my present."

"Fine but I'm going with you guys."

"Okay but if things go wrong..."

"Why can't you guys just trust me?"

Malia sighs "Can we chain him up in the car at least?"

"I guess we could."

"How about I don't get chained up?"

"Last time we trusted you; you killed Scott and shot me."

Theo rolls his eyes "Good point."

Scott lets go of Theo "Now sweep away the mountain ash."

Theo sweeps it away but Malia grabs him "Hey I listened."

"We still trust you but we have to take caution."

"Let's go."

"Where we going?" Liam comes over "Theo!" Liam punches him.

"Liam stop. I need him for something." Scott calms him

"Why do you need Theo?"

"He helped the skinwalkers take Kira somewhere and I want to get her back."

"Alright let's go."

Malia laughs "No one said you're coming."

"I'm coming."

"No it's only me and Malia."

"But I can help her keep Theo in line."

"Really? You're probably the easiest one, I manipulated."

"We really have to go. I don't have time to tell you all the reasons you can't come."


Scott groans "Alright, help Malia chain Theo up."

Malia and Liam chain Theo up to the backseat of Kira's car. Scott gets in the driver seat and waits for instructions from Theo.

"We are going to Shiprock." Theo announces.


I am so excited for Scira sexy-time like they're so perfect OMG. Anyways I hope you enjoy this chapter :)

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