---Nyra's POV---

Roku was still staring down at me as I felt my left leg throb in pain. It wasn't broken but it was still very painful. I gingerly placed the paw on the floor and winched before looking back at my other sibling. "Roku, I need help! Those humans are going to find me in this pit!"

He simply looked at me before raising his head to look in the direction of the muffled voices before his gaze darted back towards me. The look that appeared in his eyes made me shiver and the fur in my neck rose up when he opened his mouth in a grin.

"That's just it sis; if the humans find you, our pack will be rid of an abnormal wolf. They don't see what I see; two wolves that shouldn't be allowed to live. You and Coda are freaks of nature with your weird eyes and furs. The pack is better of without you."

And with those parting words, Roku turned tails and ran away before I cried out in shock. "Roku! You can't leave me here! We're of the same pack, we're family!!" He didn't respond, but my heart started racing in my chest as I heard the humans shout out in victory.

With Roku's betrayal, I had completely forgotten about the humans hunting us! I quickly spun around and jumped for the ledge but it was out of reach. Sliding down the muddy wall of the pit, I whimpered softly before my eyes darted around the trap. I needed to hide if I wanted to live.

The thundering of hooves and footsteps crashing through the plants made me aware that the humans were fast approaching. My eye landed on an intact wooden board and the plants leading towards it. I needed to cover my tracks for this, so I rubbed my body against the dark mud of the walls before I jumped on the plants and crawled my way under the wood.

"Sir, one of the traps has collapsed!" A voice shouted out, making my heart leap in my chest while I held my breath, praying this would work. I crouched down as the humans crowded the pitfall, all of them peering down before their excited smiles turned into confused grimaces.

"There's nothing down there!"

"Where's the wolf?"

My ears turned back at the loud shouting as they shoved each other around to look in the trap, blaming each other of the failure. It was then that one of the men stumbled too close to the edge, lost his footing on the slippery soil and fell down the pit.

I winched when the man landed on his back, all the air being pushed out of his lungs while a bone gave way with an audible snap. The dry sound was instantly followed by the man's pained cries while his friends were shouting at each other to get more wooden boards.

They came back with several long wooden boards above their heads as the man a few steps away from me panted and clutched his leg in pain. I gulped as he looked up and locked eyes with me. His own widened comically, mouth opening and closing while I backed away from him, looking at the men who were placing the wood in such a way that they could walk down easily.

He surprised me by remaining silent as he kept a wary eye on me while my gaze constantly shot from the men preparing my way out and the male trapped down here with me.

"Private? You're still with us?" I flattened on the floor, my ears fluttering at the loud and rather harsh tone of the man astride his horse. The blond male on the floor blinked rapidly before looking up towards the other humans.

"Yeah. Broke my leg though and might have busted a few ribs." He croaked before his eyes instantly darted back to me when the wooden board was placed in the pit. I slowly backed away even further as several of the men scampered down and went towards their injured friend.

Never letting my guard down, I watched for a moment as the men standing there were all clothed in a red and white cloth with long wooden objects strapped on their backs, although I could see the blinking of something else.

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