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Over the next 3 weeks everything went smoothly. We hung out in the swamp during the day and drank or watched movies at night. We'd almost forgotten why we'd ran to this house in the first place.

The morning after a night of vigorous lovemaking  I woke up, not sure what had brought me out from my sleep. I felt something tickling my sides and I instinctively jerked away and opened my eyes in shock. Troy was laying next to me on the bed trying to look innocent. He must have tickled me!

I narrowed my eyes and scooted away, "What where you doing mister....mister... MAN!" I asked accusingly.

Troy widened his eyes innocently and didint' meet my eyes, "What ever do you mean Darcy?" He looked at me with laughter in his eyes and I stuck my tongue out at him.

"You tickled me!" I whinnied, "I was sleeping so nicely too!" I felt a yawn overtake me so i allowed my body to stretch and I yawned loudly, making Troy laugh at my silly face. I couldn't' help it if my face scrunches up weirdly when I yawn!

"Jerk." I muttered, rolling over so my back was facing him, I wasn't actually mad at him but I sure wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of knowing that.

No, I was much too childish for that kind of behavior. Maturity... phhhhhht boring. I heard him scoot slower to me and then i felt his fingers trailing  in swirly patterns over the bare skin on my hip that was bared to him.

I let my eyes drift shut and I enjoyed the sensations going through my body at his gentle touch. Troy moved closer and I felt his hot breath on my neck and I shivered. His fingers trailed up my hip and skimmed just over the edge of my breast and I bit my lip to keep from moaning. His fingers finally found where he'd marked me and he started stroking the area.

I gasped and couldn't hold back my moan, it turned me on so much when he touch ed me there and I had no clue why. Speaking of which I wanted to ask him a question, "Troy, are you like... bummed you mated with me?" I waited nervously for his answer, I really hoped he didn't"t say yes.

Troy laughed and I rolled over to face him, hurt that he didn't care enough to answer me seriosly. He reached over and stroked my check, "Darcy, I didn't mean to mark you but it wouldn't have worked if I didn't have genuine, strong feelings for you."

I couldn't speak because my heart was pounding so hard and my heart had leaped so high it felt like it was in my throat. He had strong feelings for me? Those were the best words i'd heard in quite a while. I knew he didn't mean love, because we'd just gotten together a few days ago and love took quite a while to form.