The Bus Attack

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I wake up to my dad walking in my room.

"I thought you might like to know, your car is in the driveway ready to be driven."

I jump up and quickly get ready. I haven't had my car for lord knows how long. I'm finally getting it back.

When I'm finished getting ready I grab and apple and water as breakfast and I leave for school without saying goodbye.

As I'm pulling up in the parking lot my eyes wonder over to Scott and Stiles talking about something. They spot me and motion for me to join them.

After parking I finally join them and they're talking about some dream Scott had.

"So you killed her?" Stiles says as we walk in through the doors leading to the crowded halls of the school.

"I don't know," Scott answers. "I woke up. I was sweating like crazy Andi couldn't breath. I've never had a dream where I woke up like that before."

"Really?" Stiles says. "I have, usually it ends a little differently."

I can't help but laugh.

"A, I mean I've never had a dream that felt that real, and B, never give me that much detail about you in bed again."

"Noted. Let me take a guess here,"

"No, I know you think it has something to do with me going out with Allison tomorrow, like I'm gonna lose control and rip her throat out."

"No, of course not. Yeah, that's totally it. Hey come on, it's gonna be fine, all right. Personally I think you're handling this pretty freakin' amazingly. You know, it's not like there's a lycanthropy for beginners class you can take."

"Yeah," I say. "Not a class, but maybe a teacher."

"Who, Derek?" Stiles shouts. "You forgetting the part where we got him tossed in jail?"

"Yeah, I know, but chasing her, dragging her to the back of the bus it felt so real," Scott says.

"How real?" Stiles asks.

"Like it actually happened."

We walk through a set of double doors leading outside. That's when we saw it. The bus. The emergency door was ripped off and there was blood, a lot of it.

"I think it did," I say worried.

"Abigail," Scott asks turning towards me. "Did you see Allison at all this morning."

"Now looking back to this morning I never saw her. I didn't hear her or anything."

Scott rushes through the double doors leading back into the the halls of the school.

"She's probably fine," Stiles reassures Scott.

"She's not answering my texts, Stiles."

"Mine either."

"It could just be a coincidence, all right. A seriously amazing coincidence."

"Just help me find her, okay."

Scott rushes through the halls. Soon he falls on a locker. Telling he punches it which causes it to dent pretty badly.

Then he thankfully bumps into Allison.

Soon the speaker sounds through the halls.

"Attention students, this is your principal. I know you're all wondering about the incident that occurred last night to one of out buses. While the police work to determine what happened, classes will proceed as scheduled."

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