(Chapter 1) The Begining

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I was running the only thought in my mind was to escape. The wind pounding on my face. Suddenly I stubble and trip sliding down dirt and then falling. I grumbled and sat up rubbing my head. I looked up at the light shining  through the hole I fell through. I sniffled and whined, scared. I looked around "H-Hello? Anyone?!?!" I heard something behind me, I Looked around to see a girl who looked about my age. "Umm Hello?" I say. She grinned a bit "Hello, I'm lost did you fall too?" She asks. I nod and whimper. "Well maybe we can look for a way out together? take my hand and I will help you up" She says smirking. I was frightened and just wanted out so I did, I grabbed her hand. My eyes widened I felt this burning sensation she laughed as she turned to a red gas and seeped in through my hand. I screamed as the burning hurt so bad then all the pain stopped. I looked up I was locked inside my own body black goo holding me back everything but my face. In front of me I could see what Chara was doing with my body. I heard her echoed laugh "Wow you fell for that so easily, Know I finally have a body to Kill  with!" She laughs hysterically. A tear pours down my cheek, "How could I have let this happen" I was so scared. "Oh how could you let it happen? Maybe this is what you want!" Chara's echoed voice chuckles. I growl "Like hell, I would never wish to kill!" Chara sighs and begins to walk into the ruins.

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