Dinner with a vampire. Did I mention I'm vegetarian? (18)

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Dinner with a vampire. Did I mention I'm vegetarian? (Chapter 18)

Okay, so it is official guys! I am on the 100th page of this novel in my word document! One more page and this is the longest book I have ever written! XD

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I walked into the dining room, arm resting gently on Ilta's, a small smile decorating my face. Candles flickered in their holders on the walls softly lighting the room. The dark mahogany panelling on the wall made it feel quite homely - something I was not used to here. Red drapes were closed over the windows, and in the centre of the room was an extremely long table, covered with a white tablecloth. It was laid with elaborate cutlery, and the china looked as though it cost the earth for a single plate.

Ilta led me to the far end of the table, where he pulled out my chair for me. I sat down, and in a blink, he was opposite me, pulling his chair out. Vampires filed in after us, taking their seats. Sat next-door-but-one to me on the left was the American guy from the entrance hall, and actually sat next to me a man who looked uncannily like him. Fabian sat to my right.

After a few minutes, everyone was seated, and a dull chatter filled the room. Suddenly, their was a chinking sound, and I looked up to see a waiter gently tapping a glass. He stood by the door, dressed in white and black.

"Presenting His Majesty King Vladimir, and their Royal Highnesses the Varn's."

Outside, there was a low rumble of thunder, close, so close, for the room shook, the glasses threatening to tip. The room lit up, and a storm seemed to brew in that very room. The candles spluttered periodically, unsure of whether to cease giving their light. In an instant, everything seemed to change, the whole atmosphere of the room darkened, became more sinister. The hairs on my arms stood up, goose bumps forming as a cold breeze whipped around the room.

My heart thumped to an erratic, marching beat, eager to follow some unseen battle. It consumed my thoughts, and it was all I could hear - save for the ever-nearing clashes of thunder.

I felt detached from reality, as though I was looking upon the scene through another's eyes, outsider's eyes. I saw everything, every person, every movement, slowed down, in precious detail. Time had slowed down.

Nothing moved for what seemed like an aeon.

Nothing moved, nothing sounded. For one moment, time stood still.

And then, as quickly as it slowed, the tempo returned, but the pounding beat continued, echoing around my head. Drumming out the rhythm my life must follow.

Everyone hastily stood up, but of course, hastily for a vampire is not slow. I felt myself being hoisted to my feet by my elbows, and looked either side to see Fabian and the unknown vampire pulling me to my feet.

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