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Okay everyone, fanfiction got boring so now it's One-Shots! If y'all don't know what that is let me take a moment to explain:
One-Shots are basically a group of smaller stories instead of one big fanfiction! I guess you could call them different story "scenarios" but either way i just wanted to let y'all know!
I have at least 3 ideas to write up but if y'all have any suggestions don't be afraid to comment, i don't bite... Much... 😂
I'm going on a date later!
Guess who with?!
My chocolate eclairs and netflix account 😐
Being single on valentines day sucks more than a vacuum.
Ha. That's a good pun, better write it down.
Anyway, talk to y'all when the next chapter's up!
Love ya ;)

I'll probably write it later and update it tomorrow :)

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