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Hey, it's bad news. Breathless is, always will be, the story that really gave me the push to write stories on wattpad. I know that many people aren't aware of it, but I wrote other stories before this one. I deleted the rest because it was my first stories, that wasn't really good enough.

Breathless will always be the most special story. I love Kathleen Beckett, she was my first original character that finally had a unique personality, because the first ones were almost the same. I could identify myself to her in so many ways (cutting the part where she had many boys in her life). It's not that I don't like The Flash anymore, I still watch it and love it to be honest.

Some of the reasons: I'm way too far behind with the tv shows, I'd have to update it twice a day to get close, but not in date. The other is: I don't like to write quickly; learning from the others stories, I take a long time to write to think about the right scenes to put my character, the dialogue. The third: her story wasn't written on the way I liked, I wish I could have put more of her in the story.

And the most important: I lost the inspiration to write it. I tried to write so many times, but none could even reach 500 words. I lost my energy to write it, and it's so frustating. Chapter 14 was written so badly, according to MY opinion, but I thought I published in the beggining of January, now it's posted, I hope at least. And I owe you guys this explanation

What I'm sorry the most it's lettings you guys down. The 8K reads I got make me angry at myself for doing this. You guys helped me the most to write this story for one year. (Last year made one year for Breathless). I'm really grateful for every single one of you who read this story, favorited and commented. I feel like I failed you.

In the future, if anything bad happens, I will bring Kathleen back, but in another story. I'm sorry again for discontinuing this series, I really am. I hope you don't get mad at me. I hope that Nicotine and Angels don't have the same destiny.

These two other stories are getting me back on my feet again. It's giving my inspiration and will to write again. Rosie and Julie have a little of Kat in them, I have to admit that. And, if you still like me as a writer, you can check the others stories. My writing, I believe, its has improved.

The title is with an interrogation point in the end because I'm leaving in the limbo, for now. If, in the future, I get stregth to write it, I'll write it all over, from zero. However, it's discotinued for now.

I love you guys, I hope I get the chance in the future to write this story again, but for now, goodbye.

-mithzie's inc.

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