Quick Reminders 

y/n = {insert} your name

y/n/n= {insert} your nickname

y/f/n= {insert} your full name

y/l/n: {insert} your last name

Princeton: aka Prince, Jacob Anthony Perez

Ray Ray: aka Ray, Rayan De'Quann Lopez or Ray2wice O.O (if you nasty)

Prodigy: aka Prod, Craig Thomas Crippen Jr.

Roc Royal: Roc, Chresanto Lorenzo Romelo August

 I woke up and I didn't see Prince. I assume he went downstairs to eat breakfast. I saw the clock and it was 11:00am I really overslept. Then I decided to get up and get my stuff out of my bag and do my hygiene. I needed to get ready so one of the boys could take me back home. 

I finished what I had to do in the bathroom and went downstairs. Everyone was downstairs in the living room eating breakfast and watching TV. That was everyone except Princeton. 

Y/N: Where is Princeton?

Everyone was silent and just looked at you.

Y/N: I'm not talking to the air am I, Where the hell is Prince?

Ray Ray: Awww she called him Prince.

Prodigy: He is in the back he said he doesn't want anyone to come out.

Roc Royal: No matter what!

Y/N: Ray me and him are not together. We are friends and I need to get home before my daddy catches a case. ie. Y'all wont be seeing this sexy face.

You strike and pose and you all laugh.

Prodigy: Yeah really close friends. But besides that I think you shouldn't go outside I think he is busy with some private stuff.

Ray Ray: So you can just stay in here and tell me what you about, if you nasty.

He grins and you give him a death glare.

Roc: Just listen to me and don't go outside, no matter what!

You disregard what Roc just told you and you burst outside being the nosey person you are and you see Prince on the patio. He is punching the table and saying every curse word. He sees you and gets infuriated.

Y/N: Prince whats wrong?

Princeton: DON'T YOU PRINCE ME y/n we are not even on a Jacob to y/n basis.

Y/N: WHAT DID I DO? Are you bipolar? We were all peaches and cream last night and now you are just cursing at me.

Princeton: y/n/n I THOUGHT we were going somewhere but then I found out everything you said was a lie. It felt like it all happened overnight and it did.

Y/N: Your just rambling. Calm down and tell me, what the hell you are talking about?

Princeton: I found the picture in your wallet and the text in your phone. If you didn't love him then why didn't you delete them.

You remember your past. Once upon two boyfriends ago, the guy that didn't leave you because you didn't give him what you want. But you left him. He was everything and more. You were hurt so bad by other guys  and you began to take that out on him and you really hurt him. So you left him, like what other guys did to you. After you all graduated High School last year he went his own way. He moved and did good things with his life. He was in Vanishing on 7th Street and he is a successful recording artist. Many of his songs remind you of what used to be. He is even going to be in an upcoming movie Black Nativity. 

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