Chapter Seven

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Cara's POV
"Go get ready because we're leaving in an hour", Cameron said while walking up the stairs. Aunt Sierra and my grandma just left and said they will meet us at some place I have to go to."Oh your clothes is on your bed already!" He shouted from the top of the stairs. I jumped off the high stool and grabbed all my presents before running up the stairs myself. When I got to my room, I put down my MacBook and iPad on my desk then grabbed the bag off my bed. After I was done changing, I ran to my closet and looked in the mirror to see my whole outfit which was pretty impressed with. I wonder how he can afford all of this crap for me? I couldn't help but smile as a acted like I was on a runway. I don't know why but I do this all the time and it felt like so much fun. Just as I blew a kiss in the mirror, I saw in the corner of it that Cameron was leaning on the closet door with his arms crossed and giggling a little. My cheeks turned red as I took of my RayBans and turned around to be facing him. I covered my face because I probably looked like a garden tomato with embarrassment was written on my cheeks. When I did that, I heard him giggle again then he started to speak while taking my hands off my face. "Don't cover your face babygirl, your such a cutie", he said and lifted my chin. We both bursted into laughter randomly then raced each other downstairs. As Cameron grabbed us water-bottles and his keys, I went back up the stairs to get my iPad. When I came back out of my room, someone was walking behind me on the stairs. "Cameron what are you doing?" I questioned turning around and was facing someone else. The guy had long black hair and deep blue eyes and was smiling down at me. My body froze because I didn't know what he was doing in Cameron's house. "Cara what's taking you so? Long?" Cameron's voice called getting closer. "Oh hi Nash. I thought you left already?" He continued. I think he noticed my confused expression because the guy said," Hi I'm Nash and I'm guessing your Cara?" I looked up at him and slowly nodded. "D-d-do y-you live h-here?" I quietly questioned, stuttering over my words. He nodded his head with a big smile and said," Me, you, and Cameron now live together." I rushingly replied,"N-nice to-to meet you", before running down the stairs. Cameron and him quickly talked before he held my hand and we left. Once I got in the car, I let out a huge breath that I didn't notice I was holding. "You don't like meeting new people, do you? Cameron questioned/ stated while turning around in his seat to look at me. I shook my head before going to a random app on the iPad. After a while I got ahold of it and Cameron stopped the car somewhere. I looked up and he started to say," Have you ever been to Dairy Queen before?" I nonchalantly shook my head before we both got out of the car. "It's an ice cream place that also has fast food and ice cream cakes." My face lit up as we walked in and I was amazed at how cool the cakes were. Cameron looked down at me and asked,"Do you want something to eat?" I looked at the time on my iPad and saw it was already 12:00pm so I nodded my head. "What's your favorite ice cream?" He asked me. "Chocolate chip cookie dough", I replied and saw he was smiling. "That's my favorite too!" He said while doing this little dance thingy. We both laughed when we got stares from around the place. When we were eating our ice cream at the benches he kept on making this face that him and Nash called 'Püma'.He also explained that Nash is his best-friend and the moved in together a few months ago. Some girls came out of nowhere and screamed,"Oh my gosh Cameron, can I have a picture!" One of them was crying and Cameron looked annoyed before standing up and taking pictures with them. "Care to explain?", I said after an awkward 2 minutes of him avoiding eye contact. "I'll tell you later, just not right now ok?" He said with some harshness in his tone. For the rest of the drive, I didn't speak because of the way he snapped at me. We stopped at a big hotel with a water fountain in the front and went inside.Cameron went to the front desk and said, "Magcon penthouse please?" The guy got a key and gave it to him while Cameron grabbed my hand and walked to the elevator. When he did that, I flinched because I thought he was gonna hurt me like my parents did when I was in trouble. He looked at me with a confused expression before bending down and asking,"Why did you do that? What's wrong?" I avoided eye contact and mumbled,"I did nothing". He reached for my cheek and I flinched again. "Why do you keep on flinching? Are you scared of me?" I stared at the floor and didn't say anything."I won't ever hurt you, okay?" He softly said and lifted my chin up. I hugged him and he hugged me back tighter. "I-can't-breath", I said to him but he just laughed. After he put me down I asked him,"What's Magcon?" He just continued walking and gave me a suspicious smile before we got in the elevator. I was confused when he put in a key instead of pushing a button and we went all the way to the top. When the elevator doors opened, all I heard was screaming and saw whipped cream flying around this penthouse full of people. I knew they were crazy because who watches you sleep? "We're here!" Cameron shouted and everyone paused. I looked at Cameron and we both started laughing at the mess they made. Me, him, and Nash who just arrived, sat on the couch while they cleaned up. When they were done, everyone else sat on the couch and just stared at me. I hid my face in Cameron's chest because I couldn't handle it after a while. "Sweetheart it's ok. Just turn around so I can introduce everyone and explain everything", Cameron whispered to me. I slowly turned around on Cameron's lap and stared at the floor. "Okay so first off this is my daughter Cara", he spoke and then continued," Cars this is Jacob one, Jacob two, Mahogany or LOX, Daniel, Hayes who is Nash's brother, Jack G, Jack J, Shawn, Taylor, Matthew, Dylan, Carter, Aaron, Willie, Chris, and Christian. We are/ were part of a famous group called Magcon who tours around the world and meets fans. All of us became famous in different ways, like me and Nash are famous on an app called Vine." Everyone was staring at me while my jaw was just hanging. "That explains everything that happened today", I said to myself. For the rest of the day we talked and goofed around together and made these things called musical.lys together. Cameron was a bit quieter than usual and was on his phone in the kitchen. I decided to go see what was wrong and make him happier.

Cameron's POV
I was still shocked that Cara thought I was gonna hurt her. It saddened me that she went through so much at such a young age. I was mad at myself for blowing up on her earlier, but sometimes the whole 'famous' thing gets to you. "Are you okay?" Cara asked me out of no where. I nodded my head and picked her up, placing her on the counter. "I'm sorry for blowing up earlier!" I said who,e she stared at me. "It's okay, is that why your so down?" She asked in her cute little voice. I just shrugged and she peeked down at my phone. "What are you doing?" She continued. "I'm just going on Twitter and tweeting some fans", I replied. "What is Twitter?" She just loves asking questions. I guess she is like me in a way. I then explained Twitter, Vine, And all that stuff to her before we left to go home. When we were in the car she asked,"Could I have an account on those apps like you?" I thought about it before saying,"When we get home we'll make you some, but change into your pajamas first thing." She excitingly nodded her head before pausing."But I don't have any pajamas?" She said with a confused face. "I got Andrea to go shopping today for you, you'll meet her, Jc, and Kian when we get home."
Cara's POV
"I got Andrea to go shopping today for you, you'll meet her, Jc, and Kian when we get home", Cameron said while pulling up into the driveway. Great, just great. I have to meet more people for the hundredth time today."Oh Kian just texted and said that they had to go to the O2L house right now so we are gonna visit them later", Cameron said to me and I felt a weight lifted off my chest. I went into my room to change while Cameron made popcorn and stuff. The closet looked even bigger with all of the clothes, which were on point, filled in it. I saw the luggage in the corner and finally understood why there is so many. I guess we are gonna have to do tours but sadly, not everyone will be there. The rest of the night, me and Cameron goofed around and played games after making the accounts for me. We were now laying in his room watching 'Finding Nemo' until I slowly drifted off to sleep.

Cameron's POV
For once in a long time my life felt secure. Adopting Cara was one of the best things I've done in a long time. God has a plan...

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