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Double update for Valentine's day because I love you all <3

"put me down Dom!" I banged on his back but he just kept striding down the corridor. "Please!"

"you can hit me all you want
piccolo topo" he pulled a painting to the side, pressing a button on the wall revealing a secret tunnel.

"how many more secret tunnels are there!?" I said in awe

"they wouldn't be a secret if I told you" the wall shut behind us, the walls covered in metal. He walked for what felt like miles 5, until he turned a corner and stopping before a door. He pressed his hand on the scanner, as green lights bounced up and down it. 'Dominic De'Amorè' a robotic voice echoed down the long corridor, as the door began to open. He finally placed me down on the floor, as he pushed past me into the room. I tugged at the blanket, which covered my naked body.

"is there any chance of some clothes?" I asked sarcastically

"I think there's an old shirt around here somewhere" he sat down on a bed at the far corner of the room. I looked around, the metal walls and floor looked odd against the normal furniture, it was just like a normal room... except for the glass case of guns which covered one of the walls.

"so... the shirt?" I asked again

Dom sighed, before standing and opening a draw. He pulled out an large grey t-shirt, and threw it towards me. He turned around as I pulled the shirt over myself, I say shirt but it's more like a dress... I'm guessing it's Christiano's.

"so... how long do we have to stay down here?" I began walking around the room, touching the odd picture frame which sat on tables dotted around the room.

"until the boss let's us out" he rested his head on his arms, and closed his eyes

"and how long is that exactly?" I sat down on one of the beds, staring at Dom

"Could be minutes, hours, days..." he paused "you catch my drift"

"I can't stay down here with you for days!" Dom was okay, but I couldn't stay locked down here with him.

"There's no way out topo... so we just got to wait"

"where's the other girls?" I picked up a frame next to the bed, it held a picture of Christiano's mother and some girl I didn't know.

"They are in a separate room"

"why?" My eyes were fixed on Christiano, he looked happy...

"this one is more secure, only a select few people know it's location... so I'm guessing the boss wants you safe out of everyone else" he sighed "here have this" he got up, holding out a phone. "there's some games on there, the Internet works but it blocks all social media."

"thank you" I took the phone from him, before he walked back over to his chair and went to sleep.

As I turned the phone on, a message popped up on the screen 'I promise I'll keep you safe.. C x' my heart jumped inside of me.

Christiano had told me he loved me. But did I love him back? I can't deny that my heart stops when I'm near him... and butterflies flutter in my stomach... but was that love? what even is love? I'd never experienced it, so I could tell if what I was feeling was love, or just a deep liking.
But what if I did love him... what does that mean? what happens next? I had thought a man like that was incapable of love, but when he whispered that to me I believed him. It was sincere, truthful...

3 years ago

"you look beautiful" Tyler whispered as we walked towards the schools sports hall.

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