Chapter 12: Detention with Toadface

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Today's shoutouts goes to ForlornSpirit and percebeth-fan because both were correct. Winky first belonged to Barty Crouch, but he sacked her, and according to OOTP she and Dobby received work at Hogwarts, although Winky still believed Barty was her owner.
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Now for the next part of the tale.


Hermione, Ginny and I headed to Miss Pink Toad's classroom. We wanted to get there early to get space in the back of the class. None of us really liked her, especially since her speech in the Great Hall.

Unfortunately Harry and Ron had the same idea and Harry and I ended up next to each other. Joy to the world.

Two minutes later, the Toad entered the classroom, levitating four piles of books behind her. She dropped them on her table, and turned to us.

"Welcome to Defence against the Dark Arts." She said in her funny high-pitched voice.

"This year we will be focusing on academics: O-W-L's more commonly known as OWL's." She waved her wand as she spoke causing her words to appear on the blackboard.

Toadface turned and smiled sickly sweet while giggling. With one flick of her wand, the books on her desk rose again, and dropped one in front of each student.

"Your previous instruction in this subject has been disturbingly uneven. But you will be pleased to know from now on, you will be following a carefully structured, Ministry-approved course of defensive magic."

Hermione, who had been paging through her book, rose her hand. "Yes." Hermione looked up at Toadface's word. "There's nothing in here about using defensive spells."

"Using spells?" Toadface looked like she couldn't imagine anything more horrible. "I can't imagine why you would need to use spells in my classroom."

What? No defense? This teacher was beyond mad if she didn't want the kids to defend themselves.

Ron and Harry had similar looks on their faces. "Wait, so we're not gonna use magic?" "You will be learning about defensive spells in a secure, risk-free way." Was her answer. Boy, this teacher was dumb.

"Well, what use is that?" Harry asked, speaking the first time. "If we're going to be attacked, it won't be risk free." Suddenly I had new respect for the boy.

"Students will raise their hands when they speak in my class!" Toadface spat, her face turning red. She quickly composed herself before continuing. "It is the view of the Ministry that a theoretical knowledge will be sufficient to get you through your examinations, which after all, is what school is about."

She was really getting on my nerves now. "And how is theory supposed to prepare us for what's out there?" I asked angrily.

"There is nothing out there dear!" Umbridge said, looking pretty desperate. "Who do you imagine would want to attack children like yourselves?"

"I don't know, maybe Lord Voldemort." As Harry said the name, the whole classroom froze. Toadface walked towards our table. Slowly.

"Let me make this quite clear. You have been told that a certain Dark Wizard is at large again. This is a lie." "It's not a lie! I saw him, I fought him!" Harry shouted.

"Detention, Mr Potter!" Toadface shouted red in the face. "So according to you Cedric Diggory dropped dead of his own accord." "Cedric Diggory's death was a tragic accident." Umbridge said.

"That's what they all say!" I snapped. "Death is never an accident when an evil guy is involved!" "Detention, Jackson!" Umbride shouted at the top of her voice.

"But it was murder! Voldemort killed him! You must know!" Harry shouted at Toadface. "Enough, you two!"

She leaned in until her face was mere centimetres from mine and Harry's. "Detention. In my office. This afternoon after classess."

What an Umbitch.


I have to admit, Death Eater Boy didn't seem so bad now. He actually stood up for me against Umbridge. At least, that's how it seemed for me.

After DADA Ron and I had Astronomy. And if I remembered correctly, Jackson had too. Hermione was heading to another class already.

Jackson stood by the door of Umbridge's classroom, looking uncertain of where to go next.

"Let's help him." I told Ron who stared at me in reply. "You're actually gonna help the Death Eater. Did I hear correctly?" I sighed. "Yes, Ron. He stood up for me in Umbridge's class. And that tattoo probably wasn't a Dark Mark."

I smiled. "Let's trust him and see where it goes."

---------------TIME SKIP------------------

Detention time. Yipee. I'm jumping for joy. 

I smiled. At least something good happened today. Ron and I made friends with Percy and Hermione and Ginny talked to us again.

Percy and I shared a glance. "This is it." He said, and knocked on the door.

Umbridge opened the door and gave us a beaming smile. "Come in." Once I was inside, I wished I didn't accept her invitation to enter.

The whole place was pink and whe walls were covered with plates, each with a moving meowing kitten on it. Disgusting.

Percy and I sat in our places and looked at Umbridge. "You'll be writing lines for me today, Mr Potter and Mr Jackson." She smiled and held out two quills. "And you'll be using special quills of mine."

I walked till she was in front of us and handed us the quills. "Now, I want you both to write: I must not tell lies." "How many times?" Percy asked.

She looked thoughtful. "Let's see... As long as it takes for the message to sink in." "You haven't given us any ink." Percy said again, sounding annoyed.

"Oh you won't need any ink." She said. Odd. What quill could write without ink?

Percy and I started writing at the same time and to my amazement, it actually wrote. I must not tell lies.


My left hand started to itch and then burn agonizingly as if a knife was cutting into my skin. I looked and saw the words I had written on my hand. Cut into my skin.

I looked at Percy and saw that he too had gotten into the same situation with the same sentence cut into his hand. He observed it, but it didn't look as if it hurt him too much.

We looked up to see Umbridge in front of us. "Yes?" She asked. "Nothing." I answer before Percy can smart mouth her and get himself into more trouble.

Umbridge bent down. "That's right. Because deep down you two know that you deserve to be punished." She smiled evilly and sent us outside.

Umbridge really deserves that nickname Percy gave her right?
Anyway, today's question: What was the dragon gaurding the golden apples of the hesperides' name?

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