~Sam's P.O.V~

I stand there in shock.Did Zach really cheat on me?In the exact same house?Should I say something?What am I going to do?

Zach walks up and stops right in front of me.All he has is a towel around him."Ummm...excuse me?".

I snap back."Huh?".

"Sam,are you okay?"He asked.

"Yeah.Fine.Just a little nervous since it's the first day of school and everything"I lied.

He nods his head."Don't worry.I got you,babe".He kisses my forehead and walks past me into the bedroom.I want to tell him,but I don't think I can.I don't have the balls to say that to him!Mostly because I'm not a guy and I don't have balls,but you get my drift.

I turn to face him and realize he's naked.I turn away right away.He chuckles."You want to have sex with me,but you don't want to see me with no clothes on?I'm not quite sure how that's going to work out".

"It's not.You're right.I don't think it's such a good idea anymore".

"Thank god.I knew you weren't ready.My pants are on.You can face me now".

The thing was I didn't want to,but that would make me suspicious.I turn to face him and he is staring at me weird."What?"I asked.

"I did something wrong".

"What are you talking about?How would you even know?".

"I'm not stupid,Sam,"He said and walks so close that our bodies are touching."What did I do to upset my honey?".

"You didn't do anything".I stand on my toes and peck his lips."I love you".

"I love you too.Now let's get downstairs and feed you.I almost forgot again,but I remember lucky you.You wouldn't remind anyone and if I forgot,you'd die".

"Yeah.Let's go".

We get downstairs and everyone is waiting for us.My eyes lands on Gerogia who gives me a evil smirk.She's all cleaned up now."Stop"Zach demands.

"Whatever.You didn't say that this morning".

"Yeah,I know.I wanted to shower,but I didn't want to be rude,shove you off,and say keep your hands off of me".

"Confession?"I asked.

"What are you talking about?"He asked me.

"What happened?".

"It's not as bad as it sounds,Sam.She just can't keep her hands off of me".