Chapter Eight: Kathryn Bernard

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Hiro sits back up and sent you an are you serious look. "Everyone heard that song! Oppa gangnam style! Eh, sexy lady! Pfft, I'm getting sick of it, Hiro grabbed your phone, smirking, "I'm choosing the song."

"Give that back!" You reached out for your phone but Hiro quickly got up from his spot and dashed away from you, scurrying to one corner your room. You approached him with a menacing smirk dusted upon your lips, almost sending shivers down his spine.

"Give. Me. My. Phone. Back." You deadpanned with every word, solid tone pinning every syllable.

Hiro sticks his tongue out. "Not yet."

You finally lunged at him, ignoring his screams of protests. You straddled him, locked him between your arms and inched your face near his, your lips only a centimeter proximity from his own.

"I said, give it back." You stated as you squinted your eyes at him.

Hiro didn't seem to faze about the closeness but the blush on his cheeks didn't go unseen. "I'm not. You're just going to pick another alien song afterwards." He sticks his tongue out.

"You are the officially the weirdest knucklehead." You sighed out, prying away from him. Hiro grins in triumph before turning on your phone, easily typing the password.

Hiro gasps. "Are you serious? Every song you downloaded in your phone is KPOP! What kind of monstrosity is this?!"

"What can I say? I am half Korean, you idiot. Now give it back," You managed to grasp on your phone and tug it towards you, but Hiro also had a tight hold on it. He tugged it back to him, frowning.

"Give it." You demanded.

"Nope." Hiro said.

Not soon after, you and Hiro are in the midst of a tug of war, the only difference is whoever wins will get a hold of your phone and choose the song. And don't get started about the things you hide in your phone.

"Whoa!" You both exclaim in perfect unison as you two released your hold on the phone, making it fly out from the open window. You two scurried to the open window and looked down, cursing under your breathe when you noticed your phone beside an unconscious girl splayed out on the ground like a star fish.

Moving away from the rectangular window, you shot Hiro a n icy glare, teeth grinding subconsciously. "Your fault."

"Hey, it's not my phone so it's your fault." Hiro protests with his arms up in the air, as though in surrender.

"Jerk," You mumbled for the nth time that day, rushing out of your house to grab your phone. You picked up your smart phone, not taking any special interest on the unconscious female right beside it.

"Do you think your phone hit her on the head?" Hiro questions as he jogs towards you, nonchalantly nodding his head to the unconscious brunette on the rough cemented pavement.

You shrugged. "Meh, who cares? Let's just get back inside." You headed to the house, shoving your phone into your pocket.

"We can't leave her like this," Hiro points out.

You looked at him over your shoulder, giving him one of your infamous I couldn't care less look. "Sure we can. Let's just head back inside and move on."

"(Y/N), you're sassy come backs and comments amuse me a lot but we can't leave someone like this, regardless their relationship with us. And in addition, it's partly our fault for fighting over your your phone and leaving the window open. The least we can do is bring her inside." Hiro says, folding his arms.

You stayed quiet for the time being, waiting for him to admit he was just joking around about helping the girl but as the seconds passed by like an eternity, you began doubting he's just lying.

"Whatever you want to do. But nowhere in my room," With that, you left, not bothering to help the younger Hamada carry the girl.


"I'm Kathryn Bernard." The brunette girl introduced herself after waking up on the couch. You leaned against a wall, sucking on a cherry flavored lollipop.

"I'm Hiro Hamada." Hiro introduced himself, visibly inching closer to the girl with a soft yet flustered smile gracing upon his lips.

Kathryn seemed to notice your presence for she pointed a finger at you. "Who is she?" She asks.

"She's (Y/N). I have to warn you, she's a violent girl. You might want to stay away from her." Hiro attempts to tell Kathryn quietly to avoid your wrath but little did he know, his suppose to be termed whisper flows into your attentive ears and rang in your brain several times before you finally processed it, so due to that statement, Hiro ended up face planting graciously on the carpeted floors of your agenda right after you aimed and tossed a thick text book at the back of his head.

"Annoying." You murmured, eyes closed as you heaved a deep and long sigh.

"Why am I here?" Kathryn asks, scanning the room.

"Hiro threw my phone out and it hit your head, I think." You said, your words trailing off at the last few words as realization settled in. Come to think of it, you never really saw it hit her. Plus, getting hit by a phone can't make you collapse. Maybe it can cause mild headache but not as far as falling into a pit unconsciousness.

Something is wrong.

Kathryn rolled her eyes. "I wasn't talking at you." She snaps, her adoring gaze flickering to the fourteen year old robotics prodigy below,"I was talking to Hiro."

Well, that was fast. I already see her true colors.

"Well I'm sorry for trying to answer your question." You retorted sharply, folding your arms as you chewed the sphere of goodness in your mouth to pieces, spitting away the plastic stick.

Kathryn ignores you completely. She kneels beside Hiro and helped him sit back on the couch. "Are you okay?" She asks softly, smirking at you when she saw you tense up through her peripheral vision.

"I-I'm fine." Hiro stammers, blushing.

"Get a room." You commented, rolling your eyes heavenwards. You motioned to go upstairs, "Leave my house after you two are done making out, okay?"

As you went up, a weird feeling attacked you.


Kathryn Bernard is adapted from an actress named Kathryn Bernardo. Don't get me wrong, I like Kathryn Barnardo :)

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