MaNan Os: Wajah Tum Ho (Description)

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This OS is nothing just a Song.. So yes.. A lot of you must have guessed the song.. It is from Hate Story 3.. No no.. I'm not promoting the movie.. Just the song...

Please Download "Wajah tum ho" before reading it..

**** Description of OS ****

So the story will be like Manik and Nandini were in a relationship of 3 years.. Pair of Dark Manik and Docile Nandini..

Manik Malhotra never confessed his love in these three years.. He has a li'l dark heart in this OS.. He doesn't believe in love.. His relationship with Nandini was of "Addiction".. He used to say-

Where On the other hand Nandini loves him crazily.. Her love for him was beyond words.. She used to confess her love every moment..
Manik- Her Everything..

And she was ready to give him her everything But before that beautiful moment they broke up..!!!

What could be the reason behind breaking the 3 years old relationship where He was addicted to her and She was madly in love with him?

After 2 years of their break up, Today Nandini is getting ready for her haldi.. Yes she is getting married not with Manik but with some other guy.. She was not at all happy.. Her heart still thinks about that Man.. Her Love, Her everything.. In these two years they didn't even hear each other's voice.. She comes back to her room after the Haldi Rasam and finds a packet on bed.. She was about to pick it when her phone rang with a Random Number..


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