I was with him. We we're making out as he was groping my ass. We never came apart once. His lips taste good as when our lips touched. The sensational feeling felt great. Somehow we dragged each other to the bedroom. Never breaking our lips apart, we took off each other clothes. I stopped to admire his body. His body was hella fine. I looked up to see him looking at me with a glint in his eyes. Our bodies bumping together in a rhythmically beat. He crashed his lips back into mines, and I moaned on his lips. All of a sudden I couldn't feel him around me i looked up he was gone. I couldn't believe he left me. After I gave myself to him and he promised he wouldnt leave me.

"Lisa, wake up honey." my mother called from downstairs.

I woke up, panting and sweating. The sheet was half way off the bed.

"Oh shit. What's wrong with me." I groaned as I got out of bed lazily and dragged myself to the bathroom and took a shower.

There was no problem with the sexual part of the dreams, it's just that everytime I have the dreams, which has been a lot lately, something bad happens as if he and I aren't supposed to be together. As if fate doesn't want us together.

10 minutes later, I got out the shower and brushed my teeth. I went to go put on my clothes which consisted of blue jeans, a pink long sleeve shirt, and my black nike tanjun. I walked out my room, jogging down the stairs to the kitchen.

I grabbed my phone of the counter to check if i got any messages

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I grabbed my phone of the counter to check if i got any messages.

RYLIE: girl wake your pretty ass up

LISA: what do you want girl and for your info I've been up.

RYLIE: if you want to catch Ryan, you better hurry

LISA: Ill be there in 10.

Ryan is Rylie brother- That I have a real big crush on.

I smiled to myself as I put down my phone and went in the kitchen to see mom finish cooking. I kissed her on cheek.

"Hey mom, you feel any better?"

She coughed as she said "Kind of, but I'll be okay just don't worry about me."

"Mom I still think we need to get you to a doctor." I said. I worry about her. There are days where she's so sick she can't move or says when I come home and find her unconscious on the floor. I take weeks out of school just to take care of her.

"Now Lisa honey I told you many times that a doctor is too much money... I haven't even pay the bills yet and I already owe a lot of money we may have to live on the streets." Mom said. I layed my head on my mother shoulder and tears filling in my eyes as I said "Mom I-I just don't wanna lose you."

"Oh Míja your not going to lose me. Go call your brothers and hurry up before you and tony miss school." mom said.

I did what I was told. I walked back upstair into my brothers room. I walked in, not bothering to knock. I do it to them all the time. One was laying on the edge of his bed while the other one was in the shower.

"Ant," I called him by the nickname I gave him as a kid. He looked at me. "Mom said hurry up before we're late."

He grumbled something under his breath before picking up a pillow and tossing it at my face. I squealed, closing the door before going back downstairs.

-First chapter. Not so bad isn't it. I am a horrible person, but you love me. Thanks for the votes and comments. Keep them coming <3 xoxo

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