Chapter 41

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I awkwardly pressed the voicemail button on our home phone as I tried to set down my heavy school bag that had been plaguing me all day.

“Hey, Charlotte, Joshua, whichever one of you gets this message first, I’m calling to let you know that Matt is coming over later to tell us the news about the court and you know what else. Straight from school I think, so he’ll get home before I do. Make him welcome, blah blah blah the usual. Bye.”

I rolled my eyes and groaned outwardly as I listened to her message. I did not want him to come over – especially before my mom got home. Josh had ended up going to a friend’s house too, so it was just me.

I didn’t want to be alone with him.

He seemed pretty eager to come over by the sounds of things. He had practically followed me straight home from school.

Regardless, I didn’t really care how I looked around him anymore. I had almost been overcome by my pessimism and had decided that there never would be anything more between the two of us.

The entire beginning of the semester had seemed to drag and we’d only had about a week back in school. I knew that Matt’s presence and the fact that I ended up breaking my arm had something to do with it.

Slumping down onto the sofa, I turned on the TV and began blindly flicking through the channels.

Soon enough, an old re-run of Jerry Springer came on and I felt inclined to watch it. It was completely hilarious and would make me feel better about my life at times.

I was half way through laughing at some pimp with an afro and odd shoes and his head fully up his own ass when I saw Matt’s car grace the front of my house with its presence.

I got up, tiredly, and walked over to the door. I didn’t want to seem too enthusiastic to see him and let him in.

I did feel something, but it was soon pushed to the back of my mind.

As I heard his knock, I waited behind the door for a brief moment – so that he didn’t realise that I had been standing behind there the entire time waiting for him – and eventually opened the door to him.

“Uh, hey” he smiled awkwardly as I stood in the door way, not moving an inch or stepping aside to allow him entry.

“Hey” I retorted bluntly.

“Is your mom home yet?” he asked again, this time more awkwardly than the first.

“Nope. She should be here soon though” I informed him, before finally stepping aside as an indication for him to enter.

As he walked in, it occurred to me that the verdict had been received a few hours ago, and Vicki and Brian had already been given their fate.

And Matt knew what had happened.

And I was about to find out

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