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Taylor: 29, called by his kids Papa, hates lying and disrespect, spanks everyone (including Cameron if needed), acts like he's really tough but has a soft spot for his husband and sons (especially Shawn)

Cameron: 27, called by his kids as Daddy, hates cursing and when his babies hurt each other, also spanks everyone (including Taylor if needed) but not as hard as Taylor does, doesn't like ti pick favorites but is closest with Matthew

Jack G: 15, likes to cause trouble and has no filter. Not always so respectful which often leads him to a sore bottom. Likes to curse and is the popular bad boy of the school but has a soft spot for his little brothers, even though he fights with them and they annoy him sometimes, has something against Daniel

Daniel: 13, pretty good but occasionally has moments when he acts out. Prefers Cameron over Taylor because of a bad experience with his biological parents that has left him permanently scarred and somehow he is reminded of it by Taylor. Is a little clingy to his Daddy despite his age, Jack G despises him for an unknown reason

Hayes: 11, usually very sweet and doesn't cause much trouble but has trouble keeping in his anger and keeping his mouth shut even when he knows he should. Has little fits sometimes but is generally a good boy. Occasionally gets in trouble because he was dragged along by his friends.

Jacob: 8, extremely hyper and doesn't like to be told what to do. Often doesn't listen and gets jealous of his little brother getting all the attention so he beats on him and tries to get attention from everyone. Usually ends up with attention but not the kind he wants. Has middle child syndrome and really loves to be cuddled but is embarrassed to ask because he things he's "too big for hugs"

Matthew: 6,very jumpy and giggly and loves to make a mess. Usually stays out of trouble but occasionally gets into trouble. Usually follows exactly what Jacob does, for better or worse. Is NOT a morning person. Loves to get attention and is very loud which occasionally annoys his brothers. Hates bath+bed time and being told what to do. Often annoyed and beat down on by Jacob to the point where he switched rooms to share with Shawn instead.

Shawn: 4, shy, sweet, and incredibly cute but often has fits and temper tantrums, leading him to getting into trouble with his fathers and occasionally his older brother Jack (only while he's babysitting). Will bite or scratch if he doesn't get his way but is only this way when he's having a bad day.

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