We get to the game and dad gives Allison and I money to buy some popcorn.

After getting popcorn Allison, our dad, and I find seats and sit down waiting for the game to start.

After talking to Scott, Lydia joins us.

I notice the coach going to sit next to Jackson so I listen to there conversation.

"How's the shoulder?" Coach asks.

"It's fine," Jackson replies.

"You feel any pain?"


"What if I gave it a big ol' punch? Would you- would feel any pain then."

Jackson looks at the coach for a while. "Maybe," he finally replies.

"Listen, just go out there. Just give it your best. If you feel any pain, just-"

"Just... Keep playing?"

"That's my boy."

The whistle blows and the players including Jackson and Scott head onto the field.

When the players go for the ball, our team starts off with the ball. The player with the ball runs towards the goal trying to make the shot, but the ball is knocked out of the players net and they lose the ball.

Finally Jackson and Scott both run towards the ball. This isn't going to be good.

When they get closer to the ball Jackson rams into Scott's side knocking him off his feet. Jackson gets the ball and makes a goal, causing the crowd to jump up and cheer.

Allison, Lydia, and I all hold up a sign saying "we luv you jackson".

Soon I see Jackson form his own little huddle so I listen in.

"Only to me," Jackson says.

"But what if he's open?" Asks one of the lacrosse players who's name I found out to be Danny.

"Who's team captain, you or me?"

"Jackson, come on dude. I just wanna win."

"We will win."


"What did I say? Huh? What... Did... I say?"

"Don't pass to McCall."

Jackson slaps Danny on the chest causing them to break and return to the field.

"Which one is Scott again?" My dad asks leaning in.

"Number eleven," Lydia answers. "Otherwise known as the only one who hasn't caught a single ball this entire game."

"I hope he's okay," Allison says.

"I hope we're okay. We need to win this," Lydia says. "Allison, Abigail, a little help here."

Allison, Lydia, and I stand up to hold up a sign that reads "Jackson is #1".

The whistle blows and Scott jumps up and gets the ball. He scores and everyone except Lydia jumps up and cheers.

"Pass to McCall," coach finstock yells.

The other team has the ball so Scott stops infront of the person holding the ball and without hesitation the player on the other team passes the ball to Scott. Scott then runs to the net and throw the ball. The other team would've blocked it if Scott hadn't burned a hole through the player's net.

Another blow of the whistle means Scott gets the ball again. When Scott gets to the goal however he stops and I swear I can see his fangs and his glowing yellow eyes.

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