"Yep." Popping the 'P', Clare took the forks and placed then beside the plastic spoons and knifes. "You know her. But she also asked me to emit another person. I said no, and of course she went and told Amanda."

John laughed. "Too bad dumbasses never grow up. I actually wanted to do her makeup and hair."

"No you didn't."

He winked at her rolling eyes. "You know me too well, babe."

"So," she started, finishing rearanging things, and leaned against the table. "Where's lover boy?"

John picked at his nailes, seeming to not care as he rolled his eyes. "I left him over by the tolits. He pissed me off."

Clare held in a laugh at her best friends reason. "Didn't want to have sex in the showers?" He nodded glumly. This time she couldn't hold it back.

"Oh shut up." John said teasingly. "It's not like I would've fucked him anyway. He's too... Gross."

"That's what you said about Shane and Dillon." He shrugged.

"If you were a guy and single, I'd tap that." She made a face and crossed her arms, rasing an eyebrow. "Besides Sebastian Tresner, you'd be the hottest guy on campus."

"But what if I was straight?"

"I'd make you gay in an instant."

"You'd make who gay?" A sweet voice came from the front of the tent, making Clare turn and John straighten up, fixing his sleeves on his navy blue jacket.

"I was just telling our dear Clare here that I would date her if she was a guy and single."

Amanda Dade chuckled as she neared the tent, and took a quick glance at Clare who was looking down, blushing in embarrassment. She admired how good her long sleeved colored shirt clung to her breasts and flat stomach. Her natural red hair flowed out around her and green eyes sparkled with laughter.

John caught Amanda's look.

It was nothing new to him about Amanda's obivious attraction to Clare. He had noticed her longing stares, wishing to be more in her life, but they both knew she wouldn't cross that line.


"Well," Amanda broke the silence and stare with John, silently begging him not to say anything. "I just got back with talking to Elise."

Clare scoffed and looked up, rolling her eyes. "You're not serisouly thinking about having another person come into the group, are you?"

Amanda sighed and fixed her dark bun on top of her head. Strands stuck out which made her nervous that Clare wouldn't like how she looked.

She wasn't shy with others. Amanda was fairly confident with herself, loving the attention of the many people that walked on campus. It's what bought her the free drinks and entry into clubs, along with many lovers along the road. She didn't care what they thought; whether they saw her as a slut or not.

She was sure they did though. With her having a loving boyfriend and one nightstands they also saw her as a cheater. But what they didn't know is that her boyfriend, Sebastian Tresner of six years, loved to see his girl with other guys, and then tying them up to torture them.

And also had the same attraction towards Clare as did Amanda.

It wasn't so much as lust as it is love. Both Amanda and Sebastian thought of Clare during many nights: acting out fantasies where Amanda would be making love with her, then Sebastian would come in, forcing Clare to take his member as Amanda kisses all over her body.

But Jason had to get in the way.

Anger sparked in Amanda as she thought of all the possiblities they could've had if he hadn't came.

Clare cocked her head to the side. The sudden anger that Amanda showed worried her. What was wrong? Why was she sqeezing the water bottle she held as if trying to take the inament objects life away?

"Amanda, if you're that mad at me for not wanting more people in then I can just-"

Amanda cut her off, regret that the beautiful Clare saw her this way and thought she was mad at her made Amanda crackle inside.

She probably thinks badly about me now- damnit. I need Sebastian here. Maybe he could help... An idea struck suddenly, a grin making it's way to lips.

"Even though I don't think we need anymore people on the stands, we do need someone to run Group A."

Clare glared at Amanda, feeling a slight anger swell up in her. "But I run Group A. We already have twenty others in it; we don't need more."

Amanda held back her 'awe' at Clare's red face and instead said, "You're being replaced for the time being of the year. How about you do stockings?"

Never had Clare ever been upset over being replaced on a job. She could usually hold her cool before letting it out through something else. What had she done? Amanda knew she couldn't do stockings, reaching the shelves in the wharehouse was extremely hard, and plus; stocking up the boxes ment she would be working a hell of a lot more.

"But why? I worked for my place, Amanda. I just now came to the position and you're just going to throw me back to the bottom?" Clare felt appalled at the thought.

Amanda shrugged and crossed her arms. "Sebastian will be taking over. And anyway, I've heard from a little birdie that you keep your attention more on Jason," it sounded like she had spit the name out. "I don't need to have you out here if you're going to ruin my business."

The thought of crying right then and there made Clare wish she wasn't so sentive sometimes. She noded her head in defeat, knowing there was no use in asking for a better explanation to Amandas sudden interest in moving her to a harder job.


"Tomarrow. I'll bring Sebastian over after the game. I expect you to be here even after everything is done so you can show him around."

Noding slightly, catching the students starting to fill the parking lot where the tents were before the game, Clare said in a voice that made John take a step back and look at Amanda with a deep frown.

"Of course."


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