Chapter One

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"Hey Clare, going to the game tonight?"

Looking through the strands of her curly, red hair Clare Mathis smiled up at her best friend and boyfriend of three years, Jason Fray.

His blonde hair fell into his hazel eyes as his hight towered over her. She stood up, setting her book down on the bench and wrapped her sleave covered arms around his neck.

It was a bit of a stretch, him being 6'1 and her 5'4, but it was worth it none the less.

They currently stood outside in the cooling air. It had just turned Fall two weeks ago and already the leaves on the trees were turning their beautiful reds, yellows, oranges, and light pinks.

Jason grinned down at Clare as he planted a light kiss on her cheek, ignoring the sounds of their college friends.

"Of course. I've never missed one of your games, have I?" It was one of their constant competitive jokes on who would be there for the other the most.

"Babe," Jason said, rolling his eyes. "You missed the one last week." She laughed.

"But I made it up to you, didn't I?" He smiled lovingly down at her, humming.

"I don't remember. Maybe you should show me again...?" His hint made her turn red, embarrasmemt graced her cheeks.

"Well," Clare quickly got over it and changed the conversation. "I'm supposed to help the group do the concession stands during the game, so I'll definitely be there."

Jason frowned but replaced her worry with a kiss on the side of the mouth, pulling away. "Okay. I'll see you around five, right?"

She smiled and nodded. "As always."


Clare answered short and sweet, leaving no room for argument. Being the leader of Group A (not the president) she knew her opinion made no difference, and that's exactly what the girl, Elise, remembered.

"Fine." She grinned. "I'll just take it up with Amanda then." Clare groaned as the dark haired girl walked away, flipping her hair over her shoulder in a 'I won' manner.

Sitting the paper plates down, Clare sighed and shook her head at Elise' retreating figure.

She stood under the low pictched tent, a folding table sat in front of her with many paper plates and solo cups. Sodas were off to the side as well as six coolers full of small water's and juices.

She had just got done with telling Elise why there couldn't be any more people in the group, and how it wouldn't work with the short time they had to get set up. There was already fifty students working the tents which was a little over maximum, and crowded the eight tents already.

Even though these seemed 'extremely dumb and unreasonable reasons', Clare had to put her foot down. Elise always got what she wanted, wheater it was with blackmailing or bribing.

Or, Clare thought with an annoyed frown, tattle-tailing.

Forgetting the whole exchange that just happened minutes ago, she shrugged, knowing it was going to come up later, and continued with what she was doing before she was inturupted.

"I thought I was supposed to set up the tables." A small whine escaped from Johns mouth who came up to Clare's side.

She smirked. "At least you know what to do." He raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow.

"Was it she who shall not be named?" Clare laughed and nodded. "Complaining about all the hard and difficult tasks again, was she?"

John picked up another package of forks and handed them to Clare, racking his hand through his short, curly, dark gray hair. He had dyed it again, this time going darker then the pink he wore three days ago.

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