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Pen Your Pride

Pluto [Black Butler] {M/M}

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“Good morning my Lord,” Sebastian bowed and with a grace of a cat served his young master. Getting him dressed, washing him, brushing his silky hair and making his favourite sweets was all Sebastian’s duty, along with everything else. Sebastian was a perfect butler – he was the best. The reason behind it was because this tall man with black hair was a demon. His demonic charm and nature Sebastian could not be compared to anyone. Ciel never even tried.

“I’m not in the mood today Sebastian,” Ciel’s cute moody face was pouting. Even though Sebastian’s master was very mature, he was still just a child and sometimes it showed.

            “How would you like me to help you, my Lord?” Sebastian asked with a smirk on his face.

            Ciel thought for a moment and an evil smile spread on his face. “Why don’t you give Pluto a bath?” he asked nonchalantly. Young Phantomhive knew that Sebastian was very fond of cats, but dogs…this demon didn’t like them. For Sebastian they were dirty creatures and very much not cute. When Pluto was found Sebastian opposed ever so lightly on taking him in, but Ciel was unshakable.

            “Pluto, my Lord? But that…dog is already clean enough.” Sebastian said carefully.

            “Finny reported to me earlier saying that Pluto was digging soil in the garden again.” Ciel sigh with a not childish sigh and rested his cheek on his hand. “So I want you to wash him and train him not to do so again. And also Sebastian,” a sly smirk on Ciel’s pale face triggered Sebastian’s interest. “Be gentle with him.”

            “Yes, my Lord.”


            Sebastian made his way outside to where Pluto was usually spending his quality time digging the soil. *Dirty mutt.* Sebastian thought feeling a hint of disgust.

            “Pluto,” Sebastian said icily. The huge white dog froze. He pressed his ears down and slowly looked around. He looked at Sebastian’s face. His raised eyebrow did not promise anything good. Pluto tried his luck. Puppy dog eyes were aimed at the demotic butler but Sebastian’s expression did not change. Pluto sighed and sat down ready for the scolding.

            “Pluto, how many times have I told you not to do that?” Sebastian continued using the same tone. His eyes pierced him right through. Pluto looked down and very slowly moved to Sebastian’s legs. He put his big head on his black polished shoes as if asking for forgiveness. Sebastian raised his eyebrow. “You’ve been a bad dog,” he said. “Perhaps, I should punish you.”

            Pluto wiggled his tail. “I said punish, not pet.” Sebastian repeated. Pluto stuck his tongue out and wiggled his tail more. “Idiotic dog! Lets go!” Sebastian walked ahead with Pluto closely behind him. Big dog looked at the demon’s back with admiration. They walked into a tall but relatively small building positioned behind the main house. It served as storage room where Bard and Finny transferred all old items from the house including an old bath.

            “Finny,” Sebastian said and a ginger hair appeared from its hiding place. The boy smiled and scratched the back of his head. “Fill this bath with seven buckets of water and bring two extras and put them aside.”

            Finny nodded and quickly disappeared.

            “Okay mutt,” Sebastian took off his jacket, folded it and placed it aside. He quickly undid first three buttons of his shirt and folded up the sleeves. Ciel Phantomhive is crueller than expected, he thought. A sigh escaped Sebastian’s thin lips. Finny quickly did the job he was assigned to and stood in front of Sebastian waiting for further orders.

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