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Movie 🎥 Love and Action in Chicago (1999)

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H A R R Y 🔫

I had never felt love before, but I was positive I felt it right now: for Scarlett. As I lay there on the bed, hands messily grasping her naked waist, lips meeting in a heavy kiss, I had never felt more in love than ever. My hand dove under the sheets concealing her lower half, grasping her cute arse and giving it a rough squeeze. She gasped into the kiss, a squeal leaving her lips momentarily when I rolled the flesh in my palm.

   "Harry!" she blushed, breaking the kiss to hold her hair back from falling over us like a curtain.

   "Baby," I rasped out in that tone that always got her flustered.

  An innocent smile made its way towards her lips, her pretty brown eyes averting to my tattooed chest as she played with the plain silver necklace around my neck. Her lips came back down to meet mine in a lingering kiss, breaking it to trail her lips all over my jaw. Once she came down to my collarbones, she left kisses over almost every tattoo that decorated the skin there, giving more lingering kisses to the scars that tainted my bronzed skin.

  My breath hitched in my throat when I felt her breath wash over my pecks, her eyes darting up to meet mine, shining mischievously as her thumb brushed against it. I was caught off-guard when she rolled her tongue over it, my eyes widening and a small groan leaving my lips. She lifted her head with a soft giggle falling from her perfect lips, finding my wide eyes and flushed cheeks amusing.

   "I got you a little something," she whispered, her eyes telling me a different thing than her tone.

   "Yeah?" I smirked humorously, thinking she meant something sexual.

   But I was proved wrong when she placed a hand next to my head on the pillow, lifting her body up to outstretch her other arm. Her fingers carelessly pulled open the drawer of the bedside table next to us before her hand dipped into the space. Pulling out a white box, I gazed at it curiously when she grinned holding it out for me to take.

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