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Violet Matthews is anything but normal

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Violet Matthews is anything but normal. By day she's the stubborn secretary of Oliver Queen, a daughter of a boxer and a pretty useless friend. By night she's the undercover vigilante, Bombshell.

It has been nearly two years since she's been the metahuman vigilante Bombshell, fighting against the rouge metahumans that have been driven away from Central City, her old home town. Her once almost normal life is about to get even more complicated when a fellow metahuman drops into her life suddenly. Margo Phillips, a girl from another earth who convinces the rich playboy Roy Harper to become the hero he's meant to be, a hero he was in a different world.

Violet's world gets thrown into a battle between two worlds, against powerful villains and pins her against old friends and new enemies, ones that will stop at nothing to bring down both worlds. Not only is her life in danger from Zoom's metahuman defence squad, Violet finds herself falling for a certain masked hero who is determined to be a better man.

Will her powers be able to stand against the new battle that is coming? Will her feelings for Roy Harper compromise her mission to save the city? Or will everything turn to fire and ash? 

[ This story is a part of the Circles of Time series. A series set within the world of dctv where all my books connect together in ways. It's not necessary to read every book in the series but just know each story is linked in one way or another ]

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