Chapter Six

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Cara's POV
I woke up on something really comfy and felt like everything was off. When I rolled over like I usually do, I didn't fall of my hospital bed this time. I heard whispering and quickly opened my eyes. "She's awake!" This random kid with red cheeks stated who looked like he had too much sugar. My heart started pounding and I thought I was being kidnapped. The last thing I remembered was falling asleep in the back of Cameron's car. "Cameronnnn!!!" I screamed running for the door in this random room of people. When I got out to the hallway, the door across from mine opened and a sleepy Cameron walked out with tousled hair. My heart started to go back to its normal pace as I ran into his arms. "Oh my gosh Cara, what happened?!" He asked hugging me tight. Before I could answer, the people who were in what I'm guessing is my room came out. I quickly ran behind Cameron and hid from them. Cameron looked at me, then them and started to look annoyed while glaring at them. "I told you guys to wait until later, not scare her!" He said while rolling his eyes. They all went down these staircases and Cameron bent down to my height. "I was supposed to introduce them to you last night when we got home from the mall, but you fell asleep in the car and we came home instead. They are my close friends, more like family but you wouldn't understand without explanation. Are you still tired?" I quickly mumbled, " A little bit but I don't want to go back in there". He stood up again and held my hand." You can stay with me then while I finish something on my computer. I felt sudden relief because those people are scary. We walked inside his room and he picked up his laptop off his desk. His bed was humongous, but not as big as the rest of his room. " You can sleep on my bed while i finish doing everything. If I'm not here, I'll be downstairs quickly making breakfast for everyone", he stated before opening his door again and walking out. After a while he came back and I was pretending to sleep even though I couldn't. I was just silently listening to the tapping of his keyboard. A couple minutes passed and he started to speak. " I know your not sleeping", he said softly with a laugh at the end. I slowly rolled over so I was facing him and saw his seat facing me. My cheeks turned red and I hid my face in my knees. His chair started to squeak over to me and I felt myself being lifted up. When I looked up after opening my eyes, I saw that I was sitting on his lap on his bed. "I know your still scared from earlier, but I will help you sleep because you'll need it for today." Instead of protesting, i just went with the flow because of how tired I was.

Cameron's POV
She was so cute when she was sleeping. I'm still a little pissed of at everyone for sitting in her room while she sleeps. I could only imagine how scary it is to find strangers watching you sleep in a room you don't even recognize. After a while, I slowly got up and placed her down on the bed before quietly leaving. Everyone already left together for breakfast and I made some for me and Cara. I read that she loves rainbow pancakes with whip cream so I made that. It was my favorite too and I also got Sierra to stop at Starbucks before making her way over. After an hour, I decided to go and wake up Cara and get her ready before Mom, Brent, Sierra, and Jaxx came over. When I went up there, I saw her smiling at a picture of me and Sierra on the beach when we were little. I guess she heard me walk in because she asked, " Is that you and your sister?" I said yes before running up to her and tossing her over my shoulder. She started to laugh really hard and hit my back. I ran to her room and opened the door before placing her down to see it properly.

Cara's POV
Cameron just ran into some random room while carrying me over his shoulder. He placed me down and I stopped laughing when I saw the room. "I-is this m-my room?" I asked with full on shock. "I guess... Do you like it?" I turned around to see a nervous looking Cameron and ran up to him yelling "I LOVE IT!". The walls were a pale mint green color with wooden floor boards. The bed had black and white comforters, there was a desk like Cameron's but in white sitting in the corner. A fuzzy white carpet was on the floor, and there were two bean bag chairs sitting across from eachother. I ran up to a white door with a New York street painting on it and swung it open. Just when I thought it couldn't get better, the door lead to a walk in closet that was empty but the size of half my room. Other than the empty racks, I noticed there was a set of luggages in the corner. I ran up to Cameron in tears and he bent down engulfing me in a hug. " Why are you crying?" He asked me with a caring voice. "It-I-it-it's amazing! Why would you do so much for me?" I questioned hugging him tighter. He pulled away and looked at me with a serious expression while reaching up to wipe my tears. "Why wouldn't I? You are now my daughter and I will do anything to make you happy. And I'm not just done yet, there's more but that's for later."I looked up at him and whispered," I love you dad". Right when he was gonna say something, the doorbell rung downstairs. We both looked at each other before he told me to climb on his back. When we went downstairs and opened the door, there was a dog, women, and a lady who looked just like Cameron standing there. "Hi honey!" The women said with over excitement before hugging him. I'm guessing that was my grandma and for some reason I didn't feel shy of them. The cute dog ran passed them going into the kitchen. I ran after it and stopped when I saw what he was after. Sitting on the counter was a stack of confetti pancakes with whip cream. I heard Cameron walk into the living room with everyone so I found my way there. Cameron held out his hand for me while sitting on a couch opposite from my grandma and who I'm guessing is my auntie. I shyly walked up to him and he wrapped his arms around me before whispering," This is you grandma Gina and that's Sierra, your annoying aunt." She threw a pillow at him before getting up and hugging me. "Hi sweetheart. I've heard a lot about you", she said kindly and I felt myself getting more comfortable with them. When I looked over her shoulder, I noticed a stack of presents sitting on the coffee table. I guess Gina saw because she spoke up. "Oh those are for you but we'll open it later." My eyes widened and I whispered to Cameron,"There's more?!". He smiled at me and nodded before shouting, "Breakfast!" And picking me up again while running. I laughed because of how much he loved doing that as he placed me in a seat in front of the pancakes. We all made conversation and I become really close with them for the rest of breakfast. It was weird because of how easily I got along with them. They bought me so many gifts including a MacBook laptop and an iPad. I couldn't stop thanking them for everything because I've never been so happy in my life. Now I had to get ready and meet the creeps who were in my room this morning...

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