Chapter 13

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Porlyusica's POV

I felt bad for the girl. My great great great great grandfather killed her dragon. She was trained by her soul. Till this day I feel bad. I didn't do it but its in my bloodline.

She looked at me with anger, sorrow, and some pity. "Porlyusica. Why am I here?" She asked, and she sounded eager to know. I just smiled. She turned around and started walking.

My smile fell, and I felt bad. Sorry (Y/N). You just can't know your a Divine God. It's not up to me to tell you that.


Sorry it was so short! I made a new story. It's a Marai Nikki X Reader. It has a schedule. I was thinking of doing a Irregular At Magic Highschool story, but then I would have three and the scheduling would be crazy. So I might make one later on. Bai!

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