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"You need to focus! Finals are just around the corner" Liam says, I groan throwing a pillow at him.

"School started back up a week ago! This is boring" I groan.

"You asked for my help, so here is me helping" Liam says, I stare at him and groan falling back.

"Snack break! What do you want?" I ask, crawling out of bed.

"Just chips or something" he says, I leave my room closing the door behind myself. I walk down the hallway, when I stop by the loud laughter of Josie. I stop at my father's door way. Holding my breath.

"This dumbass thinks this baby his.... I'm rolling in the dough!" she laughs, I cover my mouth before I can gasp out loud. "I'm going to squeeze him for all the money he got, him and that little brat" she snaps, I growl. I stomp back to my room closing the door gently.

"No chips?" Liam asks, rolling over.

"You will not believe what I just heard!" I hiss, he sits up.

"What?" he says.

"That bitch Ms. Holland is cheating my dad! She called me a brat I'm going to show her a brat" Liam quickly jumps out of bed, rushing over to me grabbing me.

"This is not how we work things out, you have to tell your dad" he says.

"With what proof!" I say.

"We'll find proof" Liam says.


"Fuck Zayn!" Louis moans.

0 hours of sleep, I never thought I could go 0 hours without sleep but here I am staring at the ceiling counting the minutes until I have to get up, and get ready for school. They must have based the saying, fuck like rabbits on them because I've never met two people who had sex this long. Just think just yesterday they were having one of their on again off again, fights.

I throw my covers off my body, standing and getting dressed using my fingers to comb my hair. I pack my homework up, pull on my shoes and leave to the kitchen. Heating up poptart, and orange juice.

"Good morning!" Louis sings, skipping into the kitchen. I glare at him through the rim of my orange juice glass.

"Morning" Zayn says, following. I glare at him too, finishing my orange juice. I grab my poptart biting it angrily.

"I'm waiting at the car" I snap, leaving downstairs. It takes 15 minutes for Zayn to eat, get dressed, and meet me downstairs. It takes another 15 minutes to get to my school, and I make it to first period just before the bell rings.

"Good morning bestie!" Quinn says, happily.

"Morning" I say, resting my head on the table.

"Zayn and Louis had at it all night?" Quinn asks, I give a grunt in response. "My poor sleepy baby" Quinn says, stroking my hair. "You can come sleep over you know" she whispers, I snort looking up at her.

"It's been two weeks Quinn" I say.

"The option is always on the table" she says.

"I'll pass" I say. She sighs and continues to stroke my hair.

"Can you at least come over for dinner? Liam will be there and I miss you by my side" she says, I look up at her and she juts out her lower lip.

"Only tonight and then I won't be going to that house for a long, long time Quinn" I say.

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