Chapter 16 | Queen of Deception

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Please don't hurt me LOL but my imagination got slightly carried away... I hope you like it, *bites nails* this is a little more maybe detailed? ... Idk then normal, and I hope I don't drawl for ya! XD Just let me know if you like it or nah, I can strive to make better chapter according to what you like :)

*continues from chapter 13 "Lost to time Indefinite" (I suggest going and getting a refresher) -remember they can't remember any of this-

These cast a lustful spell over Killians mind, clouding his judgment and in effect, causing him to make rash decisions based on following his heart not his mind.
The gangplank loudly creaks under his weight as he hastens to his Captain's quarters before the little nerve he does have completely dwindle away with the unforgiving tide.

Wiping away a bead of sweat from his dark brow he inhales the thick, salty air, trying to calm himself. His jaw peppered with dark scruff, tightens as his blue eyes flicker with uneasiness.
This is it... He thinks. His knuckles turning white as he clutches to the new, brilliantly white piece of parchment that holds his fate, rolled up neatly in his fist.

"This notion is absolute ludicrous Killian!" Captain Liam Jones shouted, smacking his fist down loudly on the small wooden table.

Sadness clouded his features from disappointing the only man he looks up to. "Brother, I just. I can't shake the feeling that this is where I need to be-" Killian tries to explain.

"Yes, to search for some mysterious blonde girl." Liam interjects his tone growing louder "So You've said. I just can't believe you place this blasted woman above your obligation to the King, to your country. Little brother I won't force your hand, but I highly suggest you think this through. If you leave, you won't just be disowning the kingdom you serve, but you'll be disowning  your only flesh and blood."

"Liam- please." Killian tries to reason with him calmly, His eyes screwed shut tightly, his hands balled up into fists. This decision is literally tearing his heart in two.

Liam looks back at him, appalled for addressing him so informally. "Captain! I'm Your captain." Liam cuts him off "And my loyal crew is leaving port tonight, and we won't be returning for quite some time. So you've got to chose.  Your brother and your duty? Or some mystery wench who's name you don't even know?! It's time to grow up - Be a man Killian, and please make the responsible decision." Liam finishes before getting up from his desk and Slamming the door in killians face, leaving him gaping. His parchment of resignation in hand, but before he makes a decision... He needs to clear his head, clear his mind and rid himself of the terrible burden of letting someone you look up to, and respect, down.

Later that evening he drank his pain away a little at a time, but even in his wasted state he never could get drunk enough to get her off his mind.  Life is short, and he has to follow his heart.

After Slipping the letter of resignation under the Captains door he goes to grab his belongings from his cabin and stalks off the Jolly Roger one last time. His short steps echo in his ears, as his heels click against the wooden plank connecting the massive ship to the dock; he forces himself to not look back, just keep moving forward. One step at a time.

This is Loyalty to what he believes is Love.

This was the end to the Jones' Brothers.

After ridding of his naval attire and changing into more casual clothing he picked up from a merchants cart, he stumbles down the street. If he's going to find this blasted woman he's going to have to turn this town upside down....
And he bloody well isn't going to stop till he finds her.

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