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-10 years ago-

"Niall honey, come here" my mother yells, I climb off the couch walking into the kitchen. She stands at the stove, stirring her homemade tomato sauce.

"Yes mama?" I say, she takes my hand pulling me to her side. Feeding me some, it tasted delicious. "Delicious" I say, happily licking my lips.


"That's good, you like it?" she asks, I nod she gives me a little more. I pull up a stool so I can stand beside her. "When you get older, you're going to cook this for your wife, or husband whomever you love" she says.

"Okay!' I say.

"So, mama is going to teach you how to make it" she says.

"Why now mama?" she looks down at me, with sad eyes. She leans down kissing me on the top of my head.

She starts with the tomatoes, 4 tomatoes boiled then squashed. Then basil, paprika, lemon juice, a bar of butter, oregano. Let it boil, and then some shavings of cheese.

"Delicious!" she says tasting some.

"Really!" I say.

"You're going to be a fantastic soul mate" she says, leaning down kissing the top of my head again. "You're going to make mama proud" she says.


"We're home" Quinn says, I follow behind her my heart beating so fast I can hear it in my ears. I close and lock the door behind me, Josie appears first in an apron and shorts.

"Just making dinner, your dad has to speak to you about something" I don't miss the look she gives. I follow Quinn into her father's office where he sits.

"Hey pa, what's up"

"Good, Niall is here too" Harry says, not making eye contact with me. "Listen, Josie would like the nursey close to our room" he says, tightly.

"Okay, and?" Quinn says.

"And the closest room to our room besides yours Quinn, is Niall" Harry says, I suck in a breath.

"You're kicking me out?" I say.

"No! No, I'm just moving you to the pool house" he says, I look at Quinn and she has a slacken jaw. I don't say anything I just leave the room, walking quickly up into my room, it's not even my room anymore. They were handing it off to some bundle of nerves that doesn't even have a gender yet.

"Niall" Quinn says, behind me.

"I'm moving in with Zayn" I say, quietly.

"What?!" She says, I stand looking back at her.

"I was going to do it in the first place, he has the extra room and really don't care and I..... I can't live in the pool house" I say, she frowns.

"Niall" she says.

"I'm sorry Quinn, I really am but it feels like I am going to throw up" I whisper.

"What about school?" she says.

"Zayn said he'd drive me to school, he has a half day anyway and doesn't mind being late......" I say, she frowns her hands going into fist.

"This is all that bastards fault" she hisses, I quickly stop turning around.

"Don't blame your father" I say, I sigh. "I was dumb to think it would go further than it was.... I am not leaving your life, just this house" I whisper, she stares at me before running into my arms.

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