Chapter 2 - Everyone's Opinion

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  "Have you lost your mind" Dolores Aveiro shouted walking through Cristiano's bedroom door. "Look Máe" he started to say. "Don't speak" Dolores yelled. "Is what Hugo just told me true?" she asked. "Depends on what he told you" Cristiano mumbled. "Don't be smart with me Cristiano. Are you planning on having a baby?" Dolores said looking at her son.

"Yes. I want to have a child. Why does everyone have a problem with that" Cristiano yelled. "Don't yell at me" Dolores said shaking her finger at him. "Why do you really think we would have a problem with you having a child" Dolores asked. "I know it sound ridiculous but Máe I'm ready to have a child. I want what Hugo has. I want someone to love" Cristiano said. "Raising a child is hard Cristiano. How do expect to manage a child? Hugo said you don't want the woman to be involved" Dolores said. "I'd manage. I'd get a nanny. Please Máe I know it sounds crazy. And you probably are right. But I want to do this. Please can you support me" Cristiano begged his mother. "I don't know if I can" Dolores whispered turning her back on her son and heading to the door.

A few days later Cristiano was sitting at his kitchen table. "So how is Mister I'm going to have a kid, doing? "Elma said laughing. "So they told you. Do you think I am crazy too?" he asked his sister. "One, I always think you are crazy and two, I think if you want to go ahead with your plan then you should" Elma said making Cristiano look at her in shock. "You would make a great father, Cristiano" Katia said taking a seat. "She's right" Elma said. "That means more to me than you can imagine. Thank you" Cristiano said. "But Máe will never like it" Katia said. "I hope she will change her mind" Cristiano said. "So who is going to be you baby mama" Elma said.

"Your guess is as good as mine" Cristiano said. "I knew you wouldn't have thought this through. Jezz upsetting Máe like that and not even knowing when and how it will happen" Elma said.
"I know some things" he said avoiding looking at his sisters. "Tell us" Katia said. "I will raise the child. I will help the woman with expense and other things" Cristiano said. "So you are going to pay some chick to have your baby and then take the child from its mother" Katia said.

"It would be like a surrogate" Cristiano said. "But you will be involved in the pregnancy surely" Elma said. "I want to be" Cristiano said. "How? You are world famous Cris. Someone will tell the papers" Katia said. "Not if the girl signs a confidently contract" Jorge said from the door. "You think he should do it?" Elma said to Jorge in complete shock. Football agent Jorge Mendes would be the last person anyone in the Aveiro family would have expected to agree with his client. "Strangely I do" Jorge said. "Really" Cristiano said walking over to Jorge.

"Yes. If you have told your mother you want to go ahead with this, then I think must really want to do it" Jorge said. "But" Cristiano said. "But it's going to be hard. Choosing a girl for one thing is going to be so hard to do" Jorge said. "But you think I should do it" Cristiano asked. "Yes. And we'll all help you. Won't we girls?" Jorge said looking Katia and Elma. "Why not?" Elma said. "Máe won't support you. Are you prepared to go ahead without her support?" Katia asked her brother.

Could he still go through with his plan when his own mother didn't support him? Cristiano looked at a picture of his nephew and nieces sitting on his fireplace. Yes he could. Becoming a father was not some silly notion he had thought up. It was important to him. And he would become a father. No matter who or what stood in his way.

"Yes" Cristiano said.

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