Author's Note

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Hey, Wattpad peeps. Welcome to my novel, Inked and Dangerous. I hope you find it a refreshing change from Greek gods. BTW - Thanks for your amazing support of the Lexi series. I am so fortunate to have gained such amazing readership, and I'm imagining a big group hug, right now.

So, here we are in a whole new setting with a new set of characters. I really stretched with this story, delving into the criminal world, of which I have no experience except for watching a few episodes of NCIS and Bones. A lot of research was done to bring you the most accurate lingo and realism, but if you see anything that is totally out of whack, let me know. However, please don't judge too harshly, as the detective stuff is not the main focus, the characters are. This is supposed to be a romance, kay?

I chose several settings for this story, specifically Chicago, a city I have never had the pleasure of visiting but I really want to someday. I picked Chicago because I watch a lot of Anthony Bourdain on Netflix, and he loves the city. I live the life of a sheltered author with only a few out-of-town passes that are rewarded for good behavior (I don't earn many). I have given fictional names to most of the places, as this story is not a who's who of Chicago, and I don't want to distract my readers. A few scenes are set in Toronto, Alabama, and Montana, so if you're from one of these areas and find major discrepancies, drop me a comment. 

Once again, I have created a playlist for the story to further your sensory enjoyment, and I have casted the two main characters, so if you want to use your own imagination, don't scroll to the end of chapters one and two. This story is rated mature and starts out with a bang. I thought it would be fun to throw you a bone before we play the love game. Enjoy the ride.

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