me: excuse my french

luke: tell me someone you're crushing on very hard

me: i recently added someone to my list

me: first off, evan peters

me: and maybe someone from 5sos

luke: who???? hemmings???

me: nah

me: the drummer, ash

luke: oh

me: are you crushing on someone???

luke: besides you, mila kunis is pretty hot

me: i though your questions would be better

luke: well well

luke: are you gonna cover any 5sos songs since they followed you?

me: probably

me: i know i already did amnesia like a long time ago but i don't know any new songs from them

luke: they have a new album

me: sounds live feels live

me: oh wait that's their tour

me: idk what the album's called

luke: need a little help?

me: i could use some yeah

luke: sounds good feels good

me: god what are you their number one fan?

luke: you don't even know

me: they are okay never stopped and listened to a whole song

me: i only listened to their first album because i knew i would see them at the concert

luke: the new one is better

luke: you should listen to it

me: it's funny how you have the name as hemmings

me: and you tried to make think it was you lmao

luke: we should meet up

me: either you pay me a ticket to la or you get your ass to new york

luke: tell your parents to buy you a ticket

me: i dont even know how you look like

luke: i want it to be a surprise

luke: you will maybe be surprised :-)

me: oh gooooooooood

luke: going to any concerts this year?

me: yeah a few

me: i'm seeing rihanna very soon and i will see twenty one pilots in a few months

me: wby?

luke: going to a couple 5sos concerts and so on

luke: my friend just really likes them and she wanted me to follow

me: sureeeeeeee

luke: our conversation has changed from how the first one started

me: what do you mean?

luke: you were so pissed at first and wouldn't let me text you you were going to watch "the vampire diaries"

me: i never planned to see a random boy's dick ya know

luke: are you that kinda girl who is obsessed with series on netflix

me: i mean i watch netflix as much as i can

luke: you mean when you don't play piano at midnight


luke: gOD AGNES

me: i watch only some series

me: the vampire diaries, grey's anatomy, ahs, prison break

luke: is your life like netflix, music and school

me: and talking to you

me: i do so many things im like a super hero

me: plus i even have time to nap

me: hey luke

luke: hey agnes

me: i need to get ready for the party

me: i will probably text you when im there cus i dont feel like getting drunk

luke: i want you at home by eleven

me: okay daddyyyyyyyy i promise i wont take anything weird

luke: i can do that kink if you want

me: BYE


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