When all is said and done

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Abbans sword went straight towards my mate

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Abbans sword went straight towards my mate. And in that small few moments of utter horror I felt the world stop only for a slight second. His face was all I saw in my mind. His petrified eyes in their almost uncertain stare. As if trying to completely comprehend what was happening in that very action.
The blade was aimed so meticulously at his face it was almost like he had a particular vantage point of injuring Vegeta.
He tried to squint his eyes shut as quickly as possible but it was too late
Time restarted again and the metallic shine glinted furiously as the loud crack was heard through the air. It echoed in my skull shaking my body violently as he stood, motionless for only a second before falling limp to the ground, blood trickling down his cheeks and pooling to the dirt beside him.
His voice was hoarse as it trembled, attempting to call my name but as said before his voice was too cracked to make any recognizable sounds.
I dropped to my knees in devastation screaming not a word but all my anger in one syllable.
My hands gripped the ground beneath me and it crackled and crumbled in between my fingers.
My jaw clenched and Unclenched. My back arched and flexed I felt the fury coarse through my veins, my hair whipping madly in the wind.
All attempts to get my attention from Gohan and trunks were completely ignored. Nothing mattered anymore. Nothing but Vegeta. That was all I cared about.
"Y-y-YOU BASTARD! H-H-HE WAS MY- MY LOVE. MY LIFE. AND YOU-! YOU HEARTLESS WRETCH!" I pulled my hands together to form my most powerful attack. My tail shivered and and shook crazily, then wrapped around my waist gripping tightly.
"YOU DON'T DESERVE TO LIVE!!!!" And the blast erupted from my open palms, the blue surge reaching Abban, expanding his body to small fragments of burnt and singed flesh.
Skin, and intestine and blood rained down from the sky and onto us all. The clouds were dark and the sun didn't seem to shine.
My heart stopped
It couldn't be...no way!
"Cha! *cough* ka-ka-go-gok-"
The blood rushes to my ears and throbs incessantly. I'm afraid to move but my legs will me to do so anyways.
His arm is outstretched, groping about for me no doubt. And he calls me, not able to fully pronounce my name but I know he is calling for me. His eyes....I can't find them with my own. It's just blood. Slashed skin and tissue. But the blood. It's everywhere.
"V-Vegeta! -G-Gohan help me!"
I can literally feel my sons hesitance but I shoot him a glare over my shoulder that threatens all hell to break loose if he doesn't do what I ask at this very moment.
We are carrying my love, my life, my mate in excruciating pain across the field and I'm shaking violently.
We gave him water moments ago when we met up with piccolo so he was able to regain the ability to speak but it's still slightly hoarse.
Vegetas arm reaches upward and his left hand clasps onto my forearm.
He doesn't look up at me, his chin is rested in his chest and his body bounces slightly with the movement of Gohan and My awkward pace towards trunks who waits with a capsule plane.
"Kakarot-I kah! I can't- can't see-"
"Shhhh shhhh please baby, just rest..*sniff* we are gonna get you to a doctor."
I stifled my cries as well as I could but I know he sensed my fear.
We lay him down in the plane and trunks isn't holding back his tears anymore. In fact he is letting them flow profusely.
I give everyone a look that means to meet us at the hospital and all the Warriors nodd, flying closely behind us as we go.
Gohan does his best to keep Trunks away from his father and I steer the plane off towards west city.
It's silent.
The whole ride there.
So silent and thick in tension.
Gohans voice breaks the empty darkness and I'm brought back to my harsh reality.
"D-dad the wheel-!" I look down to see its bent from my grip. I was holding onto it so tight that it was threatening to break from the dash.
I release it almost feverishly and back away.
"G-Gohan take the wheel. Please. I-"
"It's okay, dad. I got it. Go tend to him." He nudges towards the wounded prince and I do just that.
His skin is warm. Too warm. I'm afraid to keep touching him but I don't want to let go of his hand.
He doesn't say anything. He just grips my fingers tightly. So tight I have to power up slightly to withstand it.
"W-what about-"
His voice crackles again. And my brow furrows worriedly.
"A-about the- the-"
Don't say it. Don't say it please.
My heart starts to figuratively scream and I don't want to hear him say it.
"P-please Vegeta don't- don't say that! Please don't!"
He shuts his lips tightly pursing them and his grip on my hand loosens a small amount.
"I-I'm sorry, kakarot."
My hand runs through his hair trying my best to soothe him and myself.
"It's okay, my prince. It's okay. Everything is gonna be fine. We will fix all of this."
His eyes are just darkness but I know he is sleeping, or trying to when we reach the hospital. I know a sensu bean can't heal this so we have no choice. I run in with Vegeta in my arms and a doctor notices me with a quick gasp before rolling a gurney up and rushing to my side.
"Okay lay him down please and come with me. We need to get him into surgery asap."
I nod and do exactly what she says.
"What happened?" We are running him down the isle and I know her well enough from past experience that I don't have to worry about lying.
"It was a fight, a sword crashed against his face."
She makes a tight frown and that's the last I see of her as she wheels him into the O.R.
Now I just collapse.
Nothing matters anymore
Nothing but him
I can feel his pain in my own heart from our bond and I grip my hair tightly and pull as hard as I can but its not helping the pain go away.
A hand reaches my shoulder and I look up to see piccolo. Gohan and trunks and Goten are close behind the rest of the Warriors are in a specific waiting room and we all meet up there.
"It's going to be okay dad." Goten tries to soothe me Ashe rubs my shoulders. It's not much but it relieves a slight amount of tension.
My head falls to my hands and I start to cry. The tears are dripping down my arms and dropping onto the floor loudly. Gohan gasps at the realization and everyone else seems to understand after that.
"What about... The-the baby? He asked me and I couldn't say anything I couldn't know anything I don't fucking know!" I wail.
Gohan rushes to kneel in front of me and he pulls my hands away from my face, looking into my eyes tenderly.
He is most definitely my son for such a good person he is.
"Dad, look at me. Everything is going to work out. We have the dragon balls to go get. We can fix this. But right now you have to be strong for Vegeta because we both know he is prideful but he will crack at any given moment he realizes his situation fully.okay?"
I pull my hand out and pat my sons head with a weary smile.
"Okay." I choke. He smiles softly and pulls me into a hug, Goten joining and soon trunks rushing into it as well.
We all fell asleep after a while as it grew dark outside and it was late into the night that the doctor came in with a solemn expression.
"H-he's alive right?"
She smiles slowly. "Ofcourse Goku, but there are some complications. Let me speak to you in private please?"
I kid and follow her over to the window of Vegetas room. The door is shut and we stand outside,glancing at his sleeping figure every now and then.
"His eyes were completely impossible to salvage. I'm very sorry. He won't be able to see a thing. He can hear and talk just fine but his eyes..." I cover my mouth and hold back a sob.
He won't be able to see me...?
She puts a hand on my shoulder and grips it firmly.
" I hate to tell you this other piece of bad news, but the baby we were made aware of by his word of mouth before operation, didn't make it. I'm so very sorry." I fell to my knees for the third time that day and I just couldn't bring myself to stand back up. I nodded as I crouched in all fours, motioning for her to leave.
I turned on my knees and crawled to the door, opening it, then continued to crawl through the room, pulling myself into the seat aside his bed, reaching for his hand and holding it tightly, interlacing our fingers and his grip slightly tightened but he continued to sleep. There was a bandage where his yes used to be, now just gauze wrapped around his head and his arms had several gashes that were bandaged as well. And his stomach, well I didn't dare look at it.
He whimpered slightly and his mouth opened.
His head turned towards our hands and he sighed.
Vegeta pov
It was all dark. Everything was dark. I could smell a hospital, so I must be in one of those. But I realized it wasn't dark as if I had my eyes closed. It was much darker than that. My head was throbbing but I felt something soft and warm on my. In y hand rather. It was... Kakarots hand I believe. I turned my head with a sigh towards where I sensed him.
"K-Kakarot?" My voice was hoarse and I realized I needed water.
He sniffed in response. "I'm here."
"Good." I breathed with a weak smile. I heard him stifle a cry and I furrowed my features.
"K-Kakarot what's-what's wrong?"
"I- vegeta I don't want to tell it to you because I'm scared you'll hate me forever if you hear it from-"
"The baby didn't make it." I stated grimly.
He groans and presses what I think is his cheek to my hand.
"I can feel its absence." I say again. My voice has no tone almost.
"V-Vegeta- your eyes, they're gone."
"M-my eyes? I can't SEE?!" I Yelp. He tightens onto my hand and I feel his other arm reach across me to hold me lovingly and I feel awful. I'm a burden to everyone now. I have no purpose but to bother those around me.
The baby is gone
My eyes are gone
I'm no fighter
I'm a failure
"Kakarot, leave."
"You heard me."
"Damnit Kakarot don't you get it?! I'm nothing now!"
" no you're not."
"I have no purpose. I can't even have a damn Saiyan cub and my eyes are gone. I can't see the child nor fight a battle now."
"Vegeta I'm not leaving you. I don't love you because of your skills or your sight or ability to have a baby."
"B-but I'm nothing..."
"You're not nothing you idiot!" It's silent for a few seconds before I feel his lips press against mine and if I had tear ducts I would be crying at his arrogance.
He pulls away after such a moment and sighs.
"You're mine. You're not nothing. Don't ever say that again."
I nod and lean back onto my pillow.
"Kakarot, I want to go home."
"Alright then. Let me get your medicines and you're directions for keeping you healed. I will be right back okay? I love you."
I nod again and roll over to try and sleep again. But I can't.
20 minutes later someone comes in and it's Kakarot. He picks me up, unhooking everything and sets me into a wheelchair.!
I feel completely stupid.
I hear multiple people stand up and I growl.
"Kakarot I don't want them to see me."
"I said just" I can feel the choke in my throat and I start to cry. I can't form any tears but my mouth certainly expresses it.
"I want to go home!" I plead but before we turn the chair I feel someone slightly smaller than I run up and hug me.
I know this scent...its "T-Trunks?"
He sobs onto my shoulder and I give in to his embrace.
"Dad...you're still here!" He cries and I feel around till I can find his hair, then run my fingers through it softly.
"Yes I am son."

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