Chapter 21

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"I'm bored." you said, to no one in particular, walking down the streets of Tokyo, next to your friends. You also bought a pink leash for Mika, and he seemed very happy about it (sarcasm).
"Then, maybe we should start looking for our classmates. I mean, we've been out all day, and the sun is already setting down." Adrien proposed, with a sigh.
He was right ; it was getting late — it wouldn't be a good idea to walk around at night, especially in the Ikebukuro district, which wasn't always completely safe. But you didn't want to go back with your classmates though, you would just get scolded again, and you didn't even find your old friend, Touka, yet. Well... to be honest, you didn't seriously look for her. Juuzou always distracted you with restaurants and cafés.
"Eh?! You're too serious, Adrien! Let's go to one last café before going back to these annoying fags, then!" Juuzou complained, his crazed smile still plastered on his face, as always ; you couldn't help but slightly chuckle at the "annoying fags" part.
"B-But haven't we been to every single café, yet??!" Adrien asked, shocked, widening his green orbs.
"Nope. We haven't been to this one."
The white haired teen pointed towards a café ; he was right, you haven't been to this one yet. You and Adrien accepted — well, actually, you accepted and forced Adrien to come with you.

"Re? How are we supposed to pronounce it?" Adrien questioned, sitting at a table, next to you.
"I don't know..." Juuzou boringly answered, a long sigh escaping his pale lips.

"Hello, welcome to Re. May I take your order?" a masculine voice said, interrupting the annoying silence between you and your two friends.
You lifted up your head to see a very (I insist on the very) short boy, with dark blue hair and ocean blue "eyes" — should I say "eye"? He was wearing an eyepatch.
"Hi, I'd just take a cappuccino, please." you politely answered, and your two friends chose the same.

"Heard that? Did you note it?!" the boy said with an irritated tone, talking to a very (I insist on the very) tall man, with pitch black hair and bright maroon eyes. Surprisingly, you didn't notice the man, but he seemed to be here for a while, since he noted down your order. Wait. Why did the boy ask you for your order, if actually, someone else noted it instead? It wasn't very logical.

"Yes, young Master, I did note it." the man answered, giving the boy a small smile.
"Good." his scowl disappeared as he turned towards you again, "Your cappuccinos will be ready soon!" he said, in an incredibly sweet voice, different than the way he was talking to the man dressed in black a few minutes ago.
The two of them left, leaving you confused.

"Do you think that this child doesn't know how to write?" Juuzou asked, raising an eyebrow and tilting his head in confusion.
"That's stupid. If he didn't know how to write, he wouldn't ask for our order!" you whispered back, as confused as Juuzou and Adrien were.
"But he asked for our order and then asked to that man to note it down, though." the blond boy murmured, awkwardly scratching the back of his head.
"And why did the man call the boy 'Young Master'?" you mumbled, frowning in confusion.
"I don't know. Maybe they're in some kind of BDSM relationship?" Juuzou concluded, lifting up his hand to his chin.
"Yeah, that's probably it." you nodded, smiling.
Adrien stared at the two of you in disbelief — how did he even end up having friends like that?!
What made it even worse is that the red eyed boy and you seemed so serious about it.

After you made some theories with Juuzou about the reason why the man called the eyepatched boy 'Young Master', a waitress finally came to give you your coffees.
"Did you command the three cappuccinos?" she asked, in a very sweet voice.
"Yes!" you answered, before lifting up your head to look at the waitress,

"Thank...y-you?... Touka?!" you choked on your own words, as you looked at the bright blue haired waitress. Your old friend.
"Y-Y-Y-You... Idiot!" you shouted, standing up from your seat.
She stared at you with those familiar bright blue eyes, her mouth agape.

Before you could jump on her, Adrien grabbed your arm, and gave you an awkward smile.
"Y-You shouldn't do that, [Name]. There are customers..." he half-whispered, tightening the grip on your arm.
"Ah? Uh, yeah, right, sorry..." you smiled back at him, a hint of pink brushing your cheeks.
"[Name]... It's been awhile, huh?" Touka said, a delicate smile drawing her coloured lips.
"I'm so glad! I'm so, so glad you're okay! But where are Nishiki, Hinami, Irimi, Y–"
"They're not here, [Name]." she interrupted you, while you were listing the names of all of your old friends.
Juuzou was just silently glaring daggers at Touka, and Adrien was just... you know... sitting, staring at you and Touka, not really understanding anything, feeling kinda left out. He guessed that you were talking about your friends.
"Oh... and what about K–" once again, someone cut you off. More like something.

Armin was, apparently, screaming again.

"[Name]–chan, didn't I tell you to shut off your phone?!"

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