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Pen Your Pride

ATTENTION : I DO NOT own any of the creepy pastas in this story.


                                                       Chapter 3

       I came to in a big bedroom with blood all over the walls. I gasped when I saw that a group of freaky looking people watching me from the foot of the bed. I recognized Slender man, Smile Dog, Squidward, Sally, Ben, and HIM. The infinite smile guy who brought me here. I jumped off the bed and tackled him. " Why did you bring me here?! Why?! " I shouted. I felt cold hands drag me off of Infinite-Smile guy and set in front of Slendy. " What are you doing to Jeff, Christina ? " Slendy  asked. " He said that he would stalk me do you know my name?! " I exclaimed. " Why, we heard about how you slaughtered your old guy friend, so we sent Jeff to go and get you. " Sally said. it was true. a couple of years back I killed my old guy friend on the swing set next to my house. " So.... does that mean that I'm one of you guys now? " I asked. " Yes ," replied Jeff, " you're one of us now. "

    Jeff's POV

      When I wrote the first letter, I knew Christina would be cute. I mean, how can you not resist looking at her through her window, when she's so damn hot?! So, when she didn't respond to the first letter, I sent the other one. She finally responded. I told her to meet me in the woods. Of course, she did. I put her under a trance when she tried to run away. I carried her back and laid her on my bed and waited for her to come to. When she did,, she spotted me and tackled me. She said something that I couldn't hear. Slendy finally took her off me and told her why she was here. " So.... does that mean that I'm one of you now?" she asked. " Yes," I replied," you're one of us now"

Ooh a cliffy! listen, Im kind of in writers block so I want you guys to give me some ideas to help me out. i need to get out of writers block quick. thanks. bye



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