Rachael McAdams as Alora Johnson

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Rachael McAdams as Alora Johnson

Jade in the Media, and Shawn Mendes-Imagination.

(💎Jade's POV💎)



"What the hell do you mean It's a boy?" I ask my best friend.

I use every cell in my body not to pressure her with questions, and put my nose where its not wanted.

No, I think casually to my self, Wait for her to tell you.

Deep breaths. I tell myself calmly.

"Start from the beginning. Leave no parts out. Hurry up," I was stunned that this came out of my mouth, but then I realized I wasn't talking,

Peyton, my wolf had taken control.

I've had my wolf for three years, and this has never happened.

But good thing Mom told me about this, I note mentally to myself.

I know that Peyton will not stop interrogating Sammie, even on my command, so the best option is to give her full authority, and let her do her business.

Until now, I'm gonna sit back and relax.

Jade: Peyton, you have gone way to far.

Peyton: Someone wasn't doing their job, so I'm gonna to have to do it for her.

Jade: I need some Wolf Bane to knock your ass up.

Peton: Okay. Take a chill pill.

Jade: I will 'chill' when you stop drilling my best friend with questions. Understand?

Peyton: I make no promises.

"Remember when I told you about the boy I met in San Francisco?" She asks.

"No. You'll have to refresh my memory," Peyton snaps.

A look of hurt flashes in Samantha's eyes, and I have no choice, but to feel guilty.

Like this is my mouth, yet I don't really have control. You get it?

No you you don't.

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