XVII- Who Is Rogue?

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"Greyson," Kirstie said when he and Indianna walked into Kirstie's class. "Glad you could grace me with your presence."

"Don't expect it to be a common occurrence," he shrugged and Kirstie rolled her eyes.

"Feeling better, Indianna?" She smirked and Indianna pursed her lips, ignoring Kirstie's smug look.

"Amazing," she said sarcastically and Greyson chuckled, leading Indianna to the back of the classroom.

"Have you spoken to your mother?" Greyson asked as they sat down.

Indianna tensed and narrowed her eyes. "No."

"Indie, you need to talk to her."

"She brought me up and refused to mention that my father was murdered by freaking werewolves!" Indianna hissed. "I don't need to do anything that involves her."

"She's your mother."

"You say that like it supposed to mean something," she muttered. "Drop it, Greyson."

"No. I'm not saying you need to become best friends, but you need to give her a chance to explain herself."

"She's had 16 years to tell me about werewolves and all this other shit. She's had more than enough chances."

"I don't agree with her keeping it a secret from you, but she probably had her reasons," Greyson said. "She was probably scared, rogues are ruthless."

"Rogues? What are they again?" Indianna wondered.

"Werewolves that have been kicked out of their packs. They are savage and have no humanity. They kill for fun and no one can control them. It's why packs have so much protection."

"And rogues killed my father," Indianna whispered. "They're here in this town."

"You're protected here, sugar," Greyson frowned. "I wouldn't let anyone harm you. My pack is one of the strongest in the world, Rogue slipped through once, it won't happen again."

"Rogue," Indianna repeated and frowned. "You said that like it was the wolf's name."

Greyson cursed under his breath and gritted his teeth. He had slipped up. "Forget about it, Indie, you're safe."

"Greyson, you know who that rogue is, don't you?" Indianna said.

"No, it's just a rogue," he shrugged.

"You called it Rogue, not a rogue."

"I fumbled over my words."


"Leave it, sugar!" Greyson said sternly. "Drop the subject!"

"You can't just-"

"I'm not going to repeat myself, Indie," Greyson warned. "Drop the fucking subject."

Indianna glared at Greyson, but before she could say anything else Kirstie spoke. "Alright class, shut the hell up and open your books to page 83!"

"I'll find out," Indianna whispered and Greyson clenched his hands into fists.

"There's nothing to fucking find out."


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