Chapter Seventeen::Storm's End

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"How fares your brother, Robett?" Asked Catelyn, starting conversation on an uneasy subject; Lord Galbart despised his brother passionately, he always had - or rather Robett had always hated Galbart. Something about him being ungrateful and deceitful, Raina had been too young at the time to remember the details of the brothers' falling out, but could now understand where her uncle had been coming from with his insults, and saw that Robett was probably better off as far away from Lord Glover as he could get. "Very well, thank you m'lady," Replied Galbart sharply, receiving two muffled snorts from his children, whom followed behind the small band quietly, noting that their father's lies didn't just end with them, but now with the King and his mother. "And what of your sister?" The sly Lord returned, awkwardly staying at Lady Stark's side. Their conversation drifted from Raina's attention, as her gaze was more fixed upon the King himself, who had not said much since they left his camp. He walked alongside Lord Gregor, and Rodrik, talking of an unknown subject. How Raina wished she could be a part of that conversation, rather than being stuck in the compromising position that was behind her father. The only upside being that Gared, and Finn, stayed with her at the back, cautious of what would happen if Lord Glover were to turn around at any given moment.

They were currently walking towards Renly's camp, that lay on the coast, not too far from where Robb had made camp the night before; seeings as it was a nice enough day, the King had decided it would be a pleasant walk to the camp, and would give the horses a chance to rest before they set off to Riverrun. Indeed it was a very nice day, the sun shone through the scattered trees, casting shadows along the ground, and shedding rays through gaps in the leaves, the orange light of dawn filling the forest with a warming glow. Raina loved days like this, as they reminded her of days once spent in the Grove at Ironrath, or the Godswood at Winterfell, or even just occurences spent wandering the Wolf's Wood when her father and mother had allowed her and her siblings out of the grounds. It was a rarity, but the children had cherished those occasions fondly. Just as Raina would remember all the similar times spent on this journey, knowing that it would one day come to a close, for whatever reason, and she might never get such an adventure again, and so she aspired to memorise it all, for when those times came.

"Ray!" Called a stern voice, from up ahead, to which Raina looked up quickly. Staring at her, from a few feet in front of where her and her brother walked casually, stood Rodrik, trying his best not to disclose a smile or familiar acknowledgement. "The King wishes for you to walk with him," He stated, watching as Raina ran to his side, endeavoring to hear him better. "Is everything alright?" She asked quietly, standing next to him, though trying hard to act like they did not know one another as well as they did. "Everything's fine. Go!" Rodrik snapped quietly, nudging her along playful in the King's direction. Stumbling slightly, and casting a daring look back at Rodrik, Raina made for the King's company, as he had stopped atop a ridge not far from her. Once caught up, she smiled as innocently as she could, watching as Robb's face brightened with her appearance. "Your Grace," She bowed her head, in respect or just out of habit, "Ray," He nodded with a smile, his eyes reflecting the light of the sun in the most beautiful way. It was hard for Raina to not be distracted, as per usual, and so found herself looking anywhere but at him. "You wished to see me?" She said cautiously, beginning to stroll alongside the Stark boy as the pair moved onwards again. "Yes, we should be arriving at Renly's camp shortly," Robb replied with a casual smile, one that had not been shone very often through the war. It hadn't been long since Robb had heard of his father's death, and it had left him quite devastated, as it would with any close family, but Robb had taken it to heart. Raina had wanted to run to him, comfort him and tell him everything would be alright, that the Lannister's would pay; but there was no way she could do such a thing with her identity being concealed as it was. It was beginning to get irritating, the growing list of all the things Raina couldn't do as Ray, she longed to have her friends back, and be herself again, only things couldn't play out like that, it seemed.

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