XIX- Harry and Brooke

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"Hiya," Brooke said happily and set her bags down next to Indianna in the girls changing rooms the next day. "How are you, sweetie?"

"Fine," Indianna nodded.

"So, do you want to sit with me and the girls at lunch today?"

"I... Er-"

"It won't be with Greyson," Brooke chuckled and lifted her top over her head. "Just the girls."

"Maybe," Indianna said and Brooke smiled. "Brooke, I didn't know Harry had marked you."

"Oh," Brooke said, looking down at her collar bone and then back to Indianna. "Yeah, he has. I try to keep it covered," she scratched the black swirls that were branded onto her skin. "I don't like it. It shows to other werewolves that I 'belong' to someone." Brooke shook her head and rolled her eyes. "I don't belong to shit. Us girls gotta stick together, yeah? No matter what Greyson says to you, you are independent. We are both strong, independent females in a patriarchal society. It's tough being a girl in a werewolf world, but we can deal with it." Brooke pulled a top on and smiled at Indianna.

"You don't like mates do you?" Indianna said, swapping her top for the PE top.

"I don't like the whole 'male owns female' thing werewolves got going on. I hate how patriarchal it is. Males are very dominant and it just annoys me how they think they can control everything the female does."

"Does Harry do that?"

Brooke wiggled her eyebrows and lowered her skirt to the floor. "Honey, he tries." She pulled on a the PE shorts and grinned at Indianna.

"More like she tries," Sasha said, smirking at Brooke as she walked over. "This girl over here would get down on both knees and suck him off while dressed like a clown in front of the whole school if Harry asked her to."

"I would not!" Brooke exclaimed, her hand going to her mouth in horror.

"She likes to think she wouldn't, but Harry has his ways of persuading her," Alice smirked, walking over with Violet.

"Girls, I don't even like him that much," Brooke scoffed. "And he couldn't make me do anything I didn't want to do! I wear the trousers in the relationship if you must know."

"And I'm the Queen of China," Violet laughed. "Remember when you went through that while phase of trying to ignore him as much as possible? He got very pissed very quickly? Remember?"

"Okay, he's a little bit controlling and definitely wears the trousers," Brooke pouted. "But he would never be able to get me in a clown suit while sucking him off. That's ridiculous, who do you think I am?"

"Someone who's in love!" Sasha sung.

"I do not love him," Brooke muttered, but she knew no one believed her. "I don't love him," she repeated and stuffed her feet into a pair of trainers.

"She does this a lot," Sasha chuckled. "She says one thing, for example 'I don't love him', and means the exact opposite, for example 'I love him so much'."

"Shut up!" Brooke grumbled and hit her friend in the arm.

"You fell in love the day you walked through those school doors and set eyes on him," Violet giggled and nudged Brooke. "Brooke was new too, Indianna."

"You were?" Indianna said in surprise, putting her shorts on.

"Yep," Brooke nodded. "Moved to this little town about a year ago."

"Why did you move?"

"Parents," she said and rolled her eyes. "They had a messy break up so I came and stayed with Brandon and my aunt and uncle."

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