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I poked around, trying to be sneaky and found out that he was buried in Cherry Hills cemetery. It was far out, peaceful, beautiful. I drove out there one day after school, telling Harry some awful lie. He had known I had been on edge; he kept trying and trying to talk to me. It only made me lie worse. It was awful, I hated lying to him. But I couldn’t tell him anything until I knew the whole truth.

“Mr. Styles,” I breathed out, staring at his grave.

I knew he was a bad, well, ill man, but I still felt terrible seeing his run down stone. Grass was growing over, no flowers, it was a bit overgrown all around. I knew Harry never came here. 

He had a very unique hedge stone; it had these bronze cups on each side with lids covering them. The stone read something simple, but for some reason, it gave me chills, I have nothing further to say

I scanned it quickly, and then, sucking in a breath, lifted up one of the lids on the metal cups. There was a rolled sheet of paper, worn down. I opened it up.

Harry this is the last thing I wanted to say. When this began I told you of the treasure hunt, you would learn more about me, the truth. Not only that but you would realize that I was my own worst monster. It was the truth. You know who I was now. I’m sorry for the mistakes I made. 

The day I commit suicide, will be a very painful day for me. I hope you don’t think I took the easy way out. You cannot grasp the… weight on my heart. Seeing you growing every day into her, her eyes, her laugh, it was a constant hell. What was I going to do? Dump you off? No, it was much better for me to dump myself. I didn’t trust myself anymore anyhow.

I was a terrible human being. I made mistakes. But this is the last thing I have to say, the only word in my vocabulary that I love with all my heart. You should know what that is, it’s engraved in this stone.

I love you, and I hope you grow into a better man than me. I had to do it, take myself away before I really did something I’d regret. Forgive me for my mistakes. Take my advice; don’t treat a woman the wrong way. Don’t be me. I’m sorry that this is the final words you will ever hear from me. I’m sorry for a lot of things

I love you,


I wiped my eyes, so incredibly sad. I looked up, confused. He had nothing further to say, but what word was engraved on this stone? I brushed off the dirt and vines from the stone. I stared, really looking, and that’s when it hit me. It was so subtle, I could barely see it. I put the paper back, and stood up.

I had to get Harry, and tell him everything.

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