XX- Brooke's Past

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*Goodbye, Greyson.*


"He's so lucky that he's not in this class," Greyson muttered, sitting down next to Indianna and Kal in their next class.

"Who?" Ace wondered, joining them.

"Fucking Brandon," Greyson said.

"What's that bitch done this time?" Kal asked.

"Said a load of shit to Indie about me," Greyson said and scoffed. "As if he thought he could persuade her to hate me."

"Greyson," Indianna said. *Forget about it.*

"Forget?" Greyson repeated and shook his head. "The bastard hates us and now he's trying to turn my mate against me, I don't think so."

Indianna groaned and ran her fingers through her dark hair. "Please?"

"You gotta do a lot more than 'please', sugar, to make me forget," Greyson chuckled.

Indianna sighed and looked to the door as Brooke and Harry entered the classroom. He still looked angry and Brooke looked annoyed. "They don't look happy," Indianna said quietly as they took a seat on the opposite side of the classroom.

Greyson pursed his lips and looked at Brooke and Harry. He could tell that one of them was on the brink of snapping. Them talking in hushed and snappy tones could be heard from across the classroom.

Suddenly Brooke gasped and there was a loud crack that silenced the classroom. All eyes went to Brooke who was glaring at Harry. She had risen to a stand and Harry's head was snapped to the side.

"Fuck, man!" Kal gasped. "She slapped him."

"You bastard!" Brooke growled and grabbed her bag from the floor and walked past Harry. "Don't fucking touch me!" She snapped when Harry went to grab her arm.

"Brooklyn, don't walk away from me," Harry said in a scarily calm voice.

"Go fuck yourself," she hissed and her eyes met with Indianna's. She looked pleading and Indianna stood up.

"Whoa, you're not going with her," Greyson said, grabbing Indianna's wrist.

"Yes I am," Indianna said sternly.

"You can't fight me, sugar. I'm a lot stronger than you," Greyson shrugged.

"Indie?" Brooke said desperately and tears formed in her eyes.

"Greyson!" Indianna gasped. "Please!"

"Her and Harry needs to sort this out. Don't interfere."

"She just slapped him, they aren't sorting things out soon. Let me talk to her! Greyson?"

Greyson sighed and let go of Indianna's wrist. She rushed past him before he could change his mind and walked out of the classroom with Brooke.

The two girls walked in silence for a moment before sitting down in a deserted hallway. "What happened?" Indianna asked quietly, leaning back onto the lockers.

"He was out of order. He said something to me... It was horrible and he had no right to bring it up," Brooke said quietly and a tear slipped down her cheek.


"I have a bad past," she sniffled. "Something happened to me when I was younger. It was bad, Indie. Harry found out about it last year, but I don't like to talk about it so he doesn't pester me for questions. He brought it up in the most horrible way just now just because he knew it would shut me up."

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