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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 2

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Was It a dream?
I woke up in my bedroom with a killer headache. I held my skull with strong hands, pressing against it attempting to force the pain out.
I groaned and walked into the bathroom, wetting down a cloth and pressing it to my forehead.
"Arriana!" A rough, drunken, voice called. "Yes?" I called back, walking down the hallway towards the familiar voice.
"Get your ass over here!" He yelled again. His voice was blasting pain Into my skull. I moaned and dabbed the rag to my forehead once again.
I walked into the room and a cell phone was immediately thrown at my neck. I screamed. "What the hell Steven!" I choked out, blown away from the device that was laying on the ground, shattered. We didn't have enough money for a new one. That's just great.
"Why the fuck would you be talking to that slut you call a mom!" He snapped, sending many chills down my back. "She's not a slut!" I yelled back. I was still fuzzy on the whole thunderstorm conflict from the other night, I didn't need another thing to worry about.
I awoke from being in deep thought and Steven was screaming about how I shouldn't be talking to MY OWN MOTHER.
He gripped me by my hair, after an hour of arguing, and tossed me onto the bed. "You are just like Denise! I'm gonna fuckin' teach you what whores like you get!" He scoffed as he unbuckled his belt.
Oh hell no.
I backed onto the bed post and rose to my feet, before being pushed back down by strong tan hands. I whined and tried to escape the weight of my father.
He pulled down my skinny jeans as I slapped at his arms.
A sharp pain struck my face.
He slapped me? I was frozen there. Pale. I was about to be raped by Steven.
"This is the treatment sluts get, maybe this'll teach you some shit!" He held my jaw open and spat into my mouth roughly. I coughed and struggled to break free.
"Get the fuck off me! I'm still a virgin and I don't want it taken away by my father, you sick freak!" I screamed as I was slapped again. He lifted me up and slammed me into the wall.
"Listen to me, little girl." His harsh voice made me shiver. "I'm going to fuck you, and you will like it. You did this to yourself, it's not my fault your a immature freak." He threw me to the ground. I felt my headache grow worse and worse. Steven really wasn't helping.
I was expecting to be carried back to the bed to have my virginity stolen from me, but no one touched me.
The only sound I could hear was a sharp, high pitched, screech. Like the static on an old television.
I turned my head to see Steven laying on the carpet, blood and foam pouring out of his mouth like he had rabies!
I turned to see a tall pale man, staring down at me in a dark suit.
"What the fu-" I was hushed when the room grew dark and my eye lids fluttered closed.

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