Tonight on the Titanic: Chapter 6

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Sam sighed. “Hi Mother.”

“Mother.” Jonathan squeaked his greeting.

“Well?” She demanded from her boys.

“They were with my cousin and myself,” I said smiling up at her when they didn’t answer. Sam’s eyes got big at the sound of my voice. “Jonathan wanted to play catch with my cousin and his friends, and Samuel accompanied him.”

“And who are you?” Mrs. Morley asked, finally noticing me. Her eyes narrowed as she glanced between my brother and I.

“My name is Kate Phillips and this is William. It is a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Morley. You should be proud; your boys have been perfect gentlemen this afternoon.”

“Which is always expected of them,” she replied flatly not looking impressed with either of her sons.

Taken aback by her rude response I looked down at my plate, but Mrs. Morley continued.

“So, where are you both staying for the trip?” Although she asked nicely enough, the question seemed slightly demeaning as if she knew we were not as well off as her own family.

Before I could give a proper answer, William cut in. “My mother purchased second class tickets! Isn’t that just wonderful?”

“Wonderful indeed,” She smiled back evilly as if she had won some sort of prize.

“It’s very plush,” William told her, using his new word. He didn’t notice the woman’s sneered of superiority.

“It sounds like a palace,” she told William.

Sam cleared his throat and glared at his mother. His face was bright red along with mine. I never thought I could feel so much shame for holding a 2nd class ticket, but Sam’s mother knew how to make other’s feel worthless. However, it was a small relief that William did not pick up on the tension.I didn't want his own feelings to be hurt.

“Mother,” a high voiced said softly. Distracted from Samuel’s looming mother, I spared a quick look. Momentarily, I had forgotten about the beautiful girl. My eyes widened as I put two and two together. Sam had mentioned he had two sisters. She was his sister!

“Yes, Anne dear?” Mrs. Morley called sweetly, smiling for the first time. I inspected the girl, and at closer glance I noticed that she looked just like Jonathan with the same brown hair and freckles.

“Sorry mother, but I couldn’t find them anywhere.” Anne informed Mrs. Morley. I finally relaxed knowing that Anne was Sam’s sister and not a sweetheart. I smiled at my previous, silly thoughts.

“Don’t worry,” Mrs. Morley replied frowning down at her two boys. “I’ve found the trouble makers.”

“Oh,” Anne replied happily, surprised when she saw them already sitting down in the café. “Hello Sammy, Jonathan.” She greeted each boy pleasantly. They both nodded back at her. Then her eyes swept over William and I, but Anne stayed silent waiting to be introduced.

“Where’s Lizzy?” Sam asked, finally speaking. He didn’t seem happy as he stared out the window.

“Good question, where is your little sister?” Mrs. Morley asked turning to Anne.

“She went to lie down for a nap. I think she was a bit worn out after strolling the deck this morning.” Anne responded with the answer.

“I see,” Mrs. Morley responded in a disapproving tone.  “Well, we will eat without her. Since the boys have already done just that, I would expect them to accompany their guest back to their part of the ship. Then they can join us for tea.”

Jonathan groaned. “I hate tea.”

His mother didn’t acknowledge his complaint. “It was a pleasure to meet you.” She said, hardly looking at me. “Enjoy the rest of your trip.”

Then she lifted her long dress and continued on towards her table, ending the conversation. Anne showed everyone a small apologetic smile before following after her mother.

Sam let out a deep breath when they were gone. “Well, that went well,” he ripped his napkin off his lap and tossed it on his empty plate, anger flashing in his eyes.

“Your mother is very…” I tried to think of some compliment to mend the situation, but none came to mind.

My attempt was responded to with a deep laugh. “Don’t even try.” Sam told me, as if he could read my thoughts. “The woman is pure evil.”

After we left the café, Sam escorted us back to the 2nd class deck just as his mother had asked. We stopped for a goodbye on the landing where the boys had played ball and Sam had crashed head first into me.

“Thank you for the wonderful lunch.” I whispered, sadden at our departure. I knew I probably wouldn’t see my red headed stranger again. His mother had made that much clear.

“I wouldn’t say wonderful,” Sam disagreed. “But you were.”

I smiled at his words, a blush forming on my cheeks. Twisting my hands nervously behind my back I told him the same. “I had so much fun with you this afternoon, Samuel Morley. I do hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.”

“I know I will-" he paused for a quick beat and grabbed my squirming hands, “-if I get to spend it with you.”

My mind failed me shortly as it tried to process his words.

“Say you’ll meet me here tomorrow?” He begged glancing over at the bench were we had talked and laughed.

“I- I…” I stammered, completely taken off guard.

“Please? I don’t think I could taken another moment on this ship with my mother if I knew I wouldn’t be able to see you again,” he breathed.

Heart hammering in my chest, I squeezed his hands. “I would love to see you again, Sam.”

He let out a relieved breath. “Tomorrow then. I’ll be counting down the minutes.” Staring into my eyes, Sam watched me for a moment. Then he leaned forward and pressed his lips against my cheek. “Bye, Kate.”

“Bye, Sam.” I whispered in shock. I held my hand to my cheek all the way back to our rooms.

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